SKILLED TRADES. The provisions of the General Agreement shall apply to employees in the Skilled Trades classifications except as altered by the provisions of this Article.
SKILLED TRADES. 41.01 Skilled trades for the purpose of this agreement shall be the following: Industrial Electrician Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Construction Millwright Chef/Certified Xxxx Plumber Construction & Maintenance Electrician Operating Engineer Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer Painter & Decorator Industrial Mechanic Millwright General Xxxxxxxxx Facilities Technician The Employer has the right to determine qualifications required for skilled trades in the specific classifications.
SKILLED TRADES. 44.01 Skilled trades departments for the purpose of this Agreement, shall mean the tool and die department and the maintenance department, including all commonly recognized apprenticeable trades.
SKILLED TRADES. 52.01 (a) Copies of documentation and papers for all new tradespersons will be presented to the Skilled Trades representative prior to the employee being hired.
SKILLED TRADES. 35.01 Skilled trades for the purpose of this agreement shall be those classifications listed in Schedule “A”: Maintenance:
SKILLED TRADES. 46.01 The purpose of this article is to define skilled trades and all other matters dealing with the skilled trades such as outside contracting (in accordance with Letter of Intent, apprenticeships, planned maintenance and skilled trades training. All other provisions of the Collective Agreement and all related benefits when applicable shall apply to the Skilled Trades except as otherwise expressly provided for in this section.
SKILLED TRADES. 19:01 a) Skilled Trades for the purpose of this Agreement shall be as follows: Tool & Die Maker Millwright
SKILLED TRADES. 29.01 Seniority in the Skilled Trades department shall be by non-interchangeable trades. Seniority lists will be by basic trade as defined under the wage schedule.
SKILLED TRADES. 26.01 Skilled Trades for the purpose of this agreement shall mean: a) Electrician