At Work definition

At Work means the person was properly performing all his or her normal and usual duties of paid employment, or would have been had the relevant day not been a public holiday, weekend or a day of leave other than due to Injury or Sickness.
At Work means that when your cover starts, you need to be performing or capable of performing all your normal work duties on a full time basis without limitations or restrictions due to illness or injury.

Examples of At Work in a sentence

  • Section 6 (8) of the Act - In certain instances it may be necessary for the Purchaser to give a written undertaking pursuant to Section 6 (8) of the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974.

  • Active Work and Actively At Work mean performing with reasonable continuity the Material Duties of your Own Occupation at your Employer's usual place of business.

  • You were Actively At Work on your last scheduled work day before the date of your absence; and3.

  • Have been Actively At Work for at least one full day after the end of that 12 months.

  • We will also consider You to be Actively At Work on any regularly scheduled vacation day or holiday, only if You were Actively At Work on the preceding scheduled work day.

More Definitions of At Work

At Work means the person was properly performing all his or her normal and usual duties of paid employment or would have been had the relevant
At Work means that the person works as a paid employee, or in that person's own business or profession, or on that person's own farm; or who works 15 or more hours as an unpaid worker on a family farm or in a family business, during the reference week.
At Work means you are actively performing all the duties and work hours of your usual occupation, being free of any limitation due to illness or injury and, in the insurer’s opinion, capable of performing those duties on an ongoing and prolonged basis.
At Work means that the member:
At Work means that there is a contract of employment and divers are working in the context of an employer-employee relationship. It can mean working as an employee or as a self-employed person. The phrase covers divers who dive as part of their duties as an employee. It also covers divers who are in business for themselves, during the time that they devote themselves to work as a self-employed diver. Diving does not have to be the main work activity of the employee or the self-employed person.
At Work means the person is actively and competently performing all the essential duties of his or her usual occupation without restriction, or is on approved leave.