Work Load Sample Clauses

Work Load. The professional obligation of academic employees comprises both scheduled and non-scheduled activities. The Guild and the District recognize that it is part of the professional responsibility of faculty to carry out their duties in an appropriate manner and place. As part of this responsibility faculty are expected to play an important role in the recruitment and retention of students, campus and departmental governance, program review, accreditation, planning and mentoring. Faculty commitment to retention will be demonstrated by informing students that they are to talk with the instructor prior to dropping the course. Faculty are encouraged to include a statement to this effect in their course syllabi. While it is understood that course syllabi content falls within the purview of the individual faculty member’s academic freedom, the parties also understand that items required to be part of syllabi in order to maintain college or continuing education accreditation must also be included. Tenured/tenure-track faculty who have less than a full-time contract are not eligible to work any additional assignments including long-term substitution (day-to-day substitution is allowed provided the limits specified in Section are not exceeded). Faculty assignments shall be made in the following priority order: Tenured/tenure-track, pro- rata, overload, Priority of Assignment (POA) adjunct faculty assignments, then non-POA adjunct faculty.
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Work Load. The work load/schedule for a special education classroom teacher shall be consistent with the contractual provisions that apply to the same level (elementary, middle or high school) to which the special education program is assigned whenever possible.
Work Load. The work load for employees shall be based on what can reasonably be accomplished within their regular hours.
Work Load. The purpose of this Section is to achieve an equitable work load distribution by providing an orderly procedure for individual unit member's work load complaints to be processed through an Equity Committee to the Superintendent for a final decision.
Work Load. The normal work load will consist of:
Work Load. The normal work load will consist of teaching assignments and professional responsibilities which typically include:
Work Load. An employee who believes that her/his workload is excessive may bring the matter to the attention of her/his supervisor. The matter shall then be investigated and where found, the employer shall remedy the situation.
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Work Load. During each academic year, full-time teaching faculty shall:
Work Load. In the event that an employee is required to perform duties which are usually carried out by another employee who is absent from work, their own work load may be prioritized to accommodate the work to be performed.
Work Load. The parties hereto have agreed to the following provisions to provide assistance to those with class sizes or caseloads which may be inequitably high, provided however, at the option of either party, the provisions of Section 8.07 will be suspended following a double levy failure. Notification of the option to suspend Section 8.07 must be provided in writing to the other party to this Agreement not later than June 15 prior to the following school year affected by said double levy failure. Either party may open Section 8.07 for negotiations following said notification of suspension of Section 8.07. Every effort will be made to inform employees by the end of a school day if they are to receive a new student the following work day. Additionally, every effort will be made to provide equipment and materials for the new student. To the greatest extent possible, administrators and employees shall make an effort to balance the needs of the students across classroom assignments.
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