Employees must Sample Clauses

Employees must return to the Employer property in their possession at the time of termination of employment. The Employer shall take such action as required to recover the value of articles, which are not returned.
Employees must work the regular shift preceding and the next regular shift following any of the above holidays to be eligible for pay unless pre-arranged with management in writing and/or substantiated by a certified medical certificate.
Employees must. (a) devote the whole of their time, attention and skill during work time to the duties of their employment;
Employees must have been in the service of the company for not less than thirty (30) days immediately preceding any given holiday: have been at work as scheduled immediately preceding the holiday and immediately following the holiday, except: if away on regular vacation; if absent due to legitimate illness or accident and can produce a doctor’s certificate; if work was not available due to curtailment of operation of the mill; if on authorized leave of absence from the company; if on a regular day off. If any of the above statutory holidays falls in an employee’s scheduled paid vacation time, the employee entitled to such holiday shall receive a day’s pay or another day off at a time mutually convenient to the employee and his supervisor, to be taken within sixty (60) days after vacation only if the employee requests it. Under either option, the employee is to be paid at the time of the mill holiday. are obliged to work on a shutdown mill holiday shall be entitled to time and one-halftheir regular rate for the time worked on the holiday, and, in lieu of payment for the holiday, to one day off with eight (8) hours' pay at their regular rate at a time mutually convenientto such employees and the company. When an employee has been replacing another employee at a higher rate of pay for the working day immediately prior to the statutory holiday,the employee will be paid for such holiday at the higher rate. Effective May 1st each year, an employee with one or more years of continuous service shall be eligible for six (6) floating holidays with eight hours' pay at his regular straight-time rate. New employees shall accumulatefloating holidays at the rate of: One (I) floating holiday for sixty (60) days of continuous employment.
Employees must. (a) carry out lower-graded work that is temporarily required as directed; and
Employees must. (a) work honestly and faithfully and in a competent manner;

Related to Employees must

  • Employees; Benefits Employer agrees that any and all benefits that were provided to the Employee shall continue until _________________, 20____. In addition, the Employer shall assist the Employee in the transfer, change, or termination to any employment benefits, including, but not limited to, health insurance plans, dental insurance plans, vision insurance plans, life insurance plans, disability insurance, childcare benefits, wellness programs, retirement plans, government assistance programs, and/or any other program or benefit that was readily accessible and being used by the Employee.

  • Employees' Compensation The Consultant shall be solely responsible for the following:

  • All Employees to be Members ‌ All employees of the Employer, as a condition of continuing employment, shall become and remain members in good standing of the Union, according to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Union. All future employees of the Employer shall, as a condition of continued employment, become and remain members in good standing in the Union from the date of hire.

  • Employees on Layoff A classified employee who receives an Employer Contribution, who has three (3) or more years of continuous service, and who has been permanently or seasonally laid off, remains eligible for an Employer Contribution and all other benefits provided under this Article for an extended benefit eligibility period of six (6) months from the date of layoff.

  • EMPLOYEES OF THE CONTRACTOR All work under this contract shall be performed in a professional and skillful manner. The County may require, in writing, that the Contractor, remove from this contract any employee the County deems incompetent, careless, or otherwise objectionable.

  • Employees; Benefit Plans (a) During the period commencing at the Closing and ending on the date which is 90 days from the Closing (or if earlier, the date of the employee’s termination of employment with the Company or the execution of a new employment contract by the Buyer for the employee), Buyer shall, and shall cause the Company to, provide each Employee set forth on Schedule 5.04(a) (“Company Continuing Employee”) with: (i) base salary or hourly wages which are no less than the base salary or hourly wages provided by the Company immediately prior to the Closing; (ii) target bonus opportunities (excluding equity-based compensation), if any, which are no less than the target bonus opportunities (excluding equity-based compensation) provided by the Company immediately prior to the Closing; (iii) retirement and welfare benefits that are no less favorable in the aggregate than those provided by the Company immediately prior to the Closing; and (iv) severance benefits that are no less favorable than the practice, plan or policy in effect for such Company Continuing Employee immediately prior to the Closing.

  • Employees Not to Benefit Texas Transportation Commission policy mandates that employees of the Texas Department of Transportation shall not accept any benefit, gift or favor from any person doing business with or who reasonably speaking may do business with the State under this contract. The only exceptions allowed are ordinary business lunches and items that have received the advance written approval of the Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation.