Reduction of Sample Clauses

Reduction of occupational exposure and radioactive waste arising from the operation of the Xxxxx research reactor through actions taken at the source The Xxxxx research reactor situated at the Xxxxxx nuclear centre has been operating for nearly 20 years. At present, the operation of the reactor experiences increased occupational exposure, larger discharges of radioactive gases through the stack, and higher amounts of radioactive waste (generated during purification of the liquid coolant in the primary circuit) for two main reasons: The radiation monitoring system in place in the reactor building is out-dated; The new fuel assemblies that are being used following international agreements (decreasing the percentage of enriched uranium-235 from 80 to 36 %) have a thinner cladding and therefore are subject to leaking. The Polish nuclear safety authority (NAEA) is well aware of the radiation protection and radioactive waste management problems that are arising from the use of new fuel assemblies in the Xxxxx reactor. Some funding has already been provided to the refurbishment of the radiation monitoring system. However, the means currently available in the short term do not suffice to cover all needs. Consequently, the project is to cover both the completion of the radiation monitoring system and the entire upgrading of the fuel element integrity monitoring system as a means to decrease the extent to which radiation protection and radioactive waste management issues arise through measures taken at the source. The project mainly consists of defining the technical specifications of the new monitoring systems, purchasing the necessary equipment, and fitting them into the reactor building. Romania
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Reduction of full‑time employee to part‑time, lay off and recall from layoff shall be done by Division. Employees in the Division shall be selected in accordance with their seniority within the bargaining unit. Senior employees have preference over junior employees provided the senior employee has the qualifications, experience, ability, and skill to do the job required.
Reduction of. Consideration If any payment is made by the Seller(s) to the Purchaser in respect of any claim for Leakage, for any breach of this Agreement or pursuant to an indemnity or covenant to pay under this Agreement (or any agreement entered into under this Agreement), the payment shall, if and to the extent permitted by Applicable Law, be made by way of a reduction to the relevant Seller(s)' Consideration, provided that the Cash Consideration otherwise due to the relevant Seller shall be reduced first. 3.9
Reduction of. POST-CONSUMER CARPET IAs a condition of final payment under this Agreement, the Grantee must provide documentation substantiating the source of PCC materials used during the performance of this Agreement to the Grant Manager.
Reduction of. When a reduction of employees occurs, layoffs are carried out in the reverse order of seniority without considering the home base. Subsequent movement of personnel is governed by seniority. Only the hired on or after may be assigned to another home base after a reduction of employees. The Company must respect the classification of the who maintain their position according to their seniority, but may assign them on another type of equipment according to operational needs. The who is demoted a reduction of employees is not subject to the as stipulated in at the time of subsequent postings. The Company agrees to consult the Association when a reduction of employees occurs. The is advised in writing of his layoff at least thirty days before the effective date of the layoff, This notice is sent by registered mail and the stamped date is to calculate the notice period. The who is on layoff provide his correct to the Human Department and advise them of any changes. The Company make effort to relocate within the Company any who is on layoff.
Reduction of. (a) Economic lay-offs shall be made at the discretion of when efficient operation of would otherwise be impaired. In such circumstances, will notify the Guild at least three (3) months before such lay-offs take effect the job classifications, number of employees and reason for the lay-offs. Seniority shall be the prime consideration in determining which employees will be dismissed to reduce staff. In making the determination that an employee will be laid off out of seniority ranking, it will not be on the basis of salary. Reduction of staff under this Article will be in the inverse order of their seniority ranking with except in cases where determines that the qualifications, knowledge, training, skill and ability of the individuals to fill the requirements of the job available require otherwise. will transfer an employee who has received notice of lay-offs under this Article, at the request of such employee, to replace an employee in a lower classification in which he has worked and for which he is qualified. This shall apply when the employee to be replaced, who shall be the one with the least seniority in that classification, has less seniority than the employee to be transferred. An employee displaced in accordance with the foregoing, may be similarly transferred under the provisions of above.
Reduction of. When a vacant job occurs, other than one of a temporary nature, notice of such vacancy shall be posted on the Company bulletin board for a period of three working days, during which time employees with seniority may apply for such job. Applicants for a posted job vacancy must make written application to the Unit Manager. Selection of the successful applicant shall be made in accordance with In the event that there are no suitable applicants for a posted job vacancy, the Company shall fill the vacancy in the most suitable manner. Employees promoted or awarded new positions shall be given a trial period of one month in which to qualify and if they fail to do so, shall be returned to their former positions without loss of seniority such positions. This trial period may be extended for an additional period of one month by mutual agreement between the Company and the Union. An employee who has become unable to handle his customary work to advantage owing to age or other infirmity shall be given the opportunity of performing suitable work within his capabilities such a vacancy exists. The Union will be notified writing, of hiring, lay-offs, rehiring, written reprimands, suspensions, and terminations of employment. If an employee substitutes on any job during the absence of another employee, or performs duties of a higher classifications, he shall receive the rate for the job or his regular rate whichever is the greater. Management will supply the Union with reasonably complete job descriptions for each job classification during the life of this Agreement. It is understood that these descriptions represent only the major duties within the general work content and will be deemed to include any other duties that may be assigned for a limited time.
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Reduction of. CAPITAL if any of the Security Parties except SCS reduces its authorised or issued or subscribed capital except reductions effected in compliance with Clause 11.1.2; or
Reduction of. Outstandings If on any date the Loan exceeds the Aggregate Total Commitments on such date, the Borrower shall repay on such date the amount of the excess and the repayment of such excess shall reduce the principal amount of such Advance or Advances as is or are nominated by the Borrower.
Reduction of. Capital if any of the Borrowers or the Guarantor reduces its authorised or issued or subscribed capital except reductions effected in compliance with clause 8.4 of the Guarantee or as part of a share buy-back, whilst solvent, by the Guarantor; or
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