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Rates of. All employee Health Safety releases be paid per block month at their applicable rate of pay in accordance with Article of the Air Canada Collective Agreement (the “Collective Agreement”). Health and Safety Representatives who are not released on a full-time basis will be paid at their applicable rate of pay in accordance with Article of the Air Canada Agreement follows: BLOCK HOLDER Rate of Pay and Hours Worked Day blocked off in each day worked (7 working hours) Duty before or flight of the hourly rate for each hour worked Removed from flight The greater of the scheduled blocked credits missed or for day worked (7working hours) Coming in on a scheduled day Off for each day worked (7 working hours) RESERVE Day blocked off in for each day worked (7 working hours) Duty before or flight of the hourly rate for each hour worked Removed from for each day worked (7 working hours) Coming in on a scheduled day for each day worked (7 working hours) These Health and Safety Representativeswill also have the ability to bid and operate open time in accordance with the Collective Agreement. Administrative procedures for the proper compensation of employee Health and Safety Representatives who are reserve block holders will be established in the Company’s scheduling software. Status of This Memorandum of Agreement This Agreement may be modified by agreement of the parties or, with the exception of the Payment of Wages Grievance settlement provision and all sections herein related to payment of wages (collectively, of Wages”), as a result of the determinations of the Mediator-Arbitrator under the Framework Agreement of April This Agreement shall be without prejudice to the positions the parties may take on any issue, except Payment of Wages, before the Mediator-Arbitrator in that process. However, this Memorandum of Agreement can be produced during the Mediation-Arbitratorprocess if requested by the Mediator-Arbitrator. The parties agree that this Memorandum of Agreement is enforceable through the grievance arbitration procedure of the Collective Agreement. This Memorandum of Agreement shall last the duration of the Collective Agreement (July to unless modified by the Mediator-Arbitrator or by agreement of the For greater certainty, this Agreement shall, with the exception of the provisions related to Payment of Wages and any made by the Mediator-Arbitrator, expire with the Collective Agreement and shall continue into any future Collective Agreement only if so negotiated. ...
Rates of. I. The rate of advancement scale will be calculated to the nearest cent as follows, as a percentage of the minimum tradesman's rates. Program Start After months After months After months After months After months After months After months At Graduation Before starting the Trades Trainee Program, the Company may, on an individual basis, adjust the rate of pay. The Advisory Committee may allow credit for on-the-job experience and for technical knowledge already satisfactorily, as per formula for credit interpretation. (Minutes March 1993) Night School Night classes will be made available to provide a quiet atmosphere conducive to learning. Time spent at night classes will not be paid for. Trainees who have been cut back but return to their trade during the non-school months from mid-June to mid-September, may apply to the Training Coordinator for approval to attend night school classes for a consecutive period of time, equal to the non- school weeks worked in their respective trade. During the approved period of time, satisfactory progress as defined in this Agreement must be maintained. This may be cancelled by a trainee, if in good standing, upon written notice to the Trades Training Coordinator without penalty. Example: One 3-hour night school session for every week worked in the trainee's trade during the non-school months. agrees to pay an allowance of week, in addition to the allowances paid by the Government for those Apprentices who are required to live and travel out of pus
Rates of. Employees who occupy any of the term positions during any of the work periods will receive their normal wage rate.
Rates of. This Clause lies only to term employees who have not attained continuous employment. term employee who replaces all or part of an existing position Y shall be paid at the minimum rate for that position. If a term is not filling replacement hours for a specific position and works fifteen ( 5) hours or more in a week, the Corporation shall pay the minimum rate for classification level 2; if the term employee works less than fifteen 15) hours er week, the Corporation shall pay the minimum rate for c assification
Rates of. Y. pestis lineages per year from Mahajanga to the Central Highlands and vice-
Rates of 

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  • Rates of Pay Employees will be paid in accordance with the rates of pay negotiated by the parties of this agreement. The applicable rates of pay are recorded as Appendix A (Wage Grid) of this agreement.

  • Currencies All prices shall be quoted in the currency indicated in the Data Sheet (DS no. 15). However, where Proposals are quoted in different currencies, for the purposes of comparison of all Proposals:

  • Rates The Borrower promises to pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of each Lender interest on the unpaid principal amount of each Loan made by such Lender for the period from and including the date of the making of such Loan to but excluding the date such Loan shall be paid in full, at the following per annum rates:

  • FIXED RATES If a fixed rate is in this Agreement, it is based on an estimate of the costs for the period covered by the rate. When the actual costs for this period are determined, an adjustment will be made to a rate of a future year(s) to compensate for the difference between the costs used to establish the fixed rate and actual costs.