Rates of Sample Clauses

Rates of. All employee Health Safety releases be paid per block month at their applicable rate of pay in accordance with Article of the Air Canada Collective Agreement (the “Collective Agreement”). Health and Safety Representatives who are not released on a full-time basis will be paid at their applicable rate of pay in accordance with Article of the Air Canada Agreement follows: BLOCK HOLDER Rate of Pay and Hours Worked Xxx blocked off in each day worked (7 working hours) Duty before or flight of the hourly rate for each hour worked Removed from flight The greater of the scheduled blocked credits missed or for day worked (7working hours) Coming in on a scheduled day Off for each day worked (7 working hours) RESERVE Xxx blocked off in for each day worked (7 working hours) Duty before or flight of the hourly rate for each hour worked Removed from for each day worked (7 working hours) Coming in on a scheduled day for each day worked (7 working hours) These Health and Safety Representativeswill also have the ability to bid and operate open time in accordance with the Collective Agreement. Administrative procedures for the proper compensation of employee Health and Safety Representatives who are reserve block holders will be established in the Company’s scheduling software. Status of This Memorandum of Agreement This Agreement may be modified by agreement of the parties or, with the exception of the Payment of Wages Grievance settlement provision and all sections herein related to payment of wages (collectively, of Wages”), as a result of the determinations of the Mediator-Arbitrator under the Framework Agreement of April This Agreement shall be without prejudice to the positions the parties may take on any issue, except Payment of Wages, before the Mediator-Arbitrator in that process. However, this Memorandum of Agreement can be produced during the Mediation-Arbitratorprocess if requested by the Mediator-Arbitrator. The parties agree that this Memorandum of Agreement is enforceable through the grievance arbitration procedure of the Collective Agreement. This Memorandum of Agreement shall last the duration of the Collective Agreement (July to unless modified by the Mediator-Arbitrator or by agreement of the For greater certainty, this Agreement shall, with the exception of the provisions related to Payment of Wages and any made by the Mediator-Arbitrator, expire with the Collective Agreement and shall continue into any future Collective Agreement only if so negotiated. ...
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Rates of. This Clause lies only to term employees who have not attained continuous employment. term employee who replaces all or part of an existing position Y shall be paid at the minimum rate for that position. If a term is not filling replacement hours for a specific position and works fifteen ( 5) hours or more in a week, the Corporation shall pay the minimum rate for classification level 2; if the term employee works less than fifteen 15) hours er week, the Corporation shall pay the minimum rate for c assification
Rates of. Employees who occupy any of the term positions during any of the work periods will receive their normal wage rate.
Rates of. The rates of pay contained in Appendix attached to and forming part of this Agreement, shall be the rates paid the employees occupying positions allocated to the classes of positions in the Job Description Plan The monthly rate of basic salary of all Instructors and Educational Counsellors shall be determined by the application of the guide rules in Appendix I attached
Rates of. I. The rate of advancement scale will be calculated to the nearest cent as follows, as a percentage of the minimum tradesman's rates. Program Start After months After months After months After months After months After months After months At Graduation Before starting the Trades Trainee Program, the Company may, on an individual basis, adjust the rate of pay. The Advisory Committee may allow credit for on-the-job experience and for technical knowledge already satisfactorily, as per formula for credit interpretation. (Minutes March 1993) Night School Night classes will be made available to provide a quiet atmosphere conducive to learning. Time spent at night classes will not be paid for. Trainees who have been cut back but return to their trade during the non-school months from mid-June to mid-September, may apply to the Training Coordinator for approval to attend night school classes for a consecutive period of time, equal to the non- school weeks worked in their respective trade. During the approved period of time, satisfactory progress as defined in this Agreement must be maintained. This may be cancelled by a trainee, if in good standing, upon written notice to the Trades Training Coordinator without penalty. Example: One 3-hour night school session for every week worked in the trainee's trade during the non-school months. agrees to pay an allowance of week, in addition to the allowances paid by the Government for those Apprentices who are required to live and travel out of pus
Rates of. ( FULL TIME EMPLOYEES IN Facilities Attendant as per the collective agreement PART TIME EMPLOYEES IN Facilities Attendant per hour rate of pay shall be adjusted, thereafter, by application of wage increases negotiated for other in Local during collective bargaining. Letter of Understanding Convention Centre, Cemetery, Xxxx xx Page ( Full time employees shall be entitled to all benefits available under the terms of the Collective Agreement between the City of Penticton and Local except as specifically stated herein. ( Part time employees shall be paid in lieu of any and all benefits.
Rates of. Part-time Labourers per hour. rate to remain in for three (3)years (April April 1992).
Rates of. (a) The schedule of rates for apprentices will appear in main wage schedule. Probationary Apprentice 3 months). .............. Labourer’s Rate 1 Year Apprentice (next 9 months). ............... Class “A” Year Apprentice months). .................. Class “A” Year Apprentice months). .................. Class “A” Year Apprentice months). .................. Class “A” Journeyman. ................................... Class “A” No current trades trainees transferring to the apprenticeship program will receive a reduction in their hourly rate for so transferring. All increases are conditional upon satisfactory completion of each step of the apprenticeship program. Employees in the apprenticeship program must qualify for provincial certification where applicable and serve one year as a Journeyman in the trade to become eligible for full Class “A” Journeyman rate. The Company and the Union the right of an apprentice to two years of seniority as a Journeyman upon his promotion to Journeyman status. When an apprentice is attending a trades training course the following pay arrangements will apply: The apprentice may receive a weekly training allowance from the Provincial Government while he is attending school. If so, he is expected to make arrangements to pay the total training allowance received back to the Company upon his return to work. However, the apprentice, while attending school, will receive his regular straight time rate of pay times forty hours per week. Payment will be made on regular pay days. To receive this pay the apprentice must maintain satisfactory attendance and performance records while attending school. The Company will provide pay for the number of weeks normally required to complete the particular trades training course being attended. Should the apprentice be required to spend more the normal number of weeks to complete course, he will not receive company pay during the additional time in school. A year apprentice will not receive less than a trades training helper. Upon successful completion of the schooling, Company agrees to reimburse for all costs of mandatory texts as per list with prices certified by a College official. of Upon satisfactory completion of the requirements of apprenticeship as established herein, the apprentice will be awarded the Ontario Ministry of Skills Development Certificate of Apprenticeship. of an
Rates of. The Emergency Res Team mem- bers shall receive per hour more over and above their regular rate of pay for all hours worked. Personal The will for all members remain the of the Company and stored in the Response Team equipment may only be purchased on the joint recommendation of the Company Health and Safety representative, the Union and the Team Captain. Each member will be responsible for own equip- ment/ clothing. Supplies re Supplies required will be ordered as by the Team Captain in with the Company Health and Safety representative. An inven- tory list of supplies on hand will be maintained at all times by the Team Captain. Meetings Attendance Team meetings will be held on a bi- weekly basis. The meeting starting times will rotate from the start of the day shift to the start of the afternoon shift. The scheduled will be a proximately one in members from other shifts will be aid the overtime rate time would lace them in excess of their eight hour working day In order to ensure that active participation in the Response Team is the following atten- dance policy will be implemented; If any member of the Team is: Absent for two consecutive regularly scheduled meetings; or Absent for three regularly scheduled meetings in a calendar year; or Late and/or leaves early three meetings in a calendar year. re on an or Fails to emergency on two when con- tacted and requested to do so in a calendar year. If any one of these four (4) situations occur then the member will be removed from the Emergency Response Team unless a satisfactory reason can be provided. The final decision on the removal of mem- bers for excessive absenteeism will be at the discretion of the Company. Such persons will be ineligible for reappointment to the The purpose of the will be to grade the knowledge of each and research areas of improvement and make a plication to the Company for support as required. Modified Work Proeram Statement It is of Inc. to make every to provide suitable alterna- tive employment to any who is unable to perform as a result of a work related injury. A variety of work duties will be made avail- able to employees who cannot per- form the basic duties of their former as a result of a work-related alter- nate work tasks will be to suit the individual employee if that is All employees are requested to cooperate in meeting this policy. Inc. is committed to complying with all current legislative requirements concerning the health and safety of its employees, con- tractors, c...
Rates of. The rates of pay for employees shall be in with the out in the Schedule which forms part of this Agreement, and the rates of pay shall be effective from January Every employee whose name and private telephone number are posted in any public telephone directory or public notice, as a representative of the Employer, shall have his account, for services, paid by Employer. Pay Where an employee is required to perform the primary functions of a position (a with a higher maximum salary) than the one held him for a temporary of five or more consecutive days, the employee shall be paid acting pay in the amount of live percent of his current the minimum for the higher classification. whichever is greater.