Allocated To definition

Allocated To means, with reference to any Aircraft, the portion of the Notes relating to such Aircraft which shall be designated as a specific “Series”, being the outstanding principal amount of the related issuance made with respect to such Aircraft.
Allocated To means, with reference to any Aircraft, the portion of the Loans relating to such Aircraft, being the outstanding principal amount of the related Drawing made with respect to such Aircraft.

Examples of Allocated To in a sentence

  • Description of Services Name & Position of Consultants Hours Allocated To Services Per Consultant Hourly Rate A$ Total Cost (inc GST) Other Costs – Please Specify: TOTAL $ (*amount shown above) The Respondent should indicate whether the above hourly rates also apply to hours over and above the stated hours.

  • FUNDING AMOUNTSTotal Program Amount: Enter the total Program Budget.OCFS Funds Allocated: To be completed by the County.

  • The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Devastated The Ability of Tribes To Generate Governmental Revenues, and The $8,000,000,000 Relief Fund Congress Has Allocated To Indian Tribes Is Insufficient To Meet Their Mounting Needs.

  • I renounce and destroy every curse resulting from rituals; prayers and obligations pertaining to worship in the Masonic counterfeit Temple of king Solomon.I cancel all worship and break the authority given to satan over my life and the lives of my family, in Jesus’ Name.

  • Students Will Be Provided With Accommodation For Free But You Will Be Required To Sign An Accommodation Tenant Agreement Form/Contract Before Allocated To The Room.

  • Other Items Not Allocated To Segments for noncontrolling interests, income from continuing operations attributable to Brink's and EPS are the effects of the same items at their respective line items of the consolidated statements of operations.

  • Allocated to report - provides a listing of all Non-Compliances grouped by officer Allocated To by filter options.

  • Bid Price Dollars ($ ).Portion of Price Allocated To Building ‘A’ Dollars ($ ).Portion of Price Allocated to Building ‘D’ Dollars ($ ).All federal taxes, State of Illinois taxes, and local municipal taxes as applicable are included in the Bid Sum.2. ACCEPTANCE This offer shall be open to acceptance and is irrevocable for sixty (60) days from the Bid closing date.

  • FY 2020 BUDGET Expenses Sewer Expenses$9,764,297$9,614,566Water Expenses4,977,0744,497,270Engineering Expense245,100187,100Debt Service Sewer5,816,5235,283,836Debt Service Water4,268,8623,798,261Total Budget Expenses $25,071,856 $23,381,033 Income Allocated To Reserves$ 865,513$ 4,913,860 USER CHARGESThe St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission does not receive funding from St. Mary’s County Government, or any other tax revenue.

  • Parties are invited to review this approach for consideration at the settlement conference.Outcome of Settlement Discussions: The Capacity Allocated To a Customer ("CATC”) is defined ONLY for the purpose of allocating existing capacity among all Transmission Customers that are supplied from a common transmission connection facility in relation to an expansion project for that facility as required to determine Connection and Cost Recovery (“CCR”).

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  • Allocated Value means, in respect of any particular asset of a Participating CCAA Party, the amount of the sale proceeds realized from such asset, net of costs allocated to such asset all pursuant to the Allocation Methodology and, in respect of any Secured Claim, the amount of such sale proceeds receivable on account of such Secured Claim after taking into account the priority of such Secured Claims relative to other creditors holding a Lien in such asset;

  • Allocated interests means the undivided interest in the common elements, the common expense liability, and votes in the association allocated to each unit.

  • Allocated Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6 hereof.

  • Unallocated Basis means, with respect to the holding of gold, that the holder is entitled to receive delivery of physical gold in the amount standing to the credit of the holder’s account, but the holder has no ownership interest in any particular gold that the custodian maintaining that account owns or holds.

  • Allocated Loan Amount means, for an Individual Property, the amount set forth on Schedule II attached hereto.

  • allocated has the meaning specified in Section 2.5(d);

  • Allocation means specifying each Price List Item of the subscribed SAP Cloud Service under a single Order Form that Provider allocates to a single Customer. For the avoidance of doubt, once allocated to a specific Customer the provision of the subscribed SAP Cloud Service for each Price List Item of the Order Form is limited to this specific Customer. The Allocation cannot be changed during the Term of that Order Form. For the avoidance of doubt, all subscribed SAP Cloud Service is allocated to the Customer and none to the Provider, with the exception of the Initial Order Form. Authorized Users required by the Provider to operate the subscribed Cloud Service for the Customer are part of the Allocation to Customer, whereas the usage by Provider is on behalf of the Customer, with the exception of the Initial Order Form.

  • Agreed Value of any Contributed Property means the fair market value of such property or other consideration at the time of contribution as determined by the General Partner. The General Partner shall use such method as it determines to be appropriate to allocate the aggregate Agreed Value of Contributed Properties contributed to the Partnership in a single or integrated transaction among each separate property on a basis proportional to the fair market value of each Contributed Property.

  • Allocated Loss Adjustment Expenses or “ALAE” means all court costs and court expenses; pre- and post-judgement interest; fees for service of process; attorneys’ fees; cost of undercover operative and detective services, costs of employing experts; costs for legal transcripts; costs for copies of any public records; costs of depositions and court-reported or recorded statements; costs and expenses of subrogation; and any similar fee, cost or expense reasonably chargeable to the investigation, negotiation, settlement or defense of a loss or a claim or suit against you, or to the protection and perfection of your or our subrogation rights.

  • Allocated Share for any month means that percentage of CMISC Reimbursable Out-of-Pocket Expenses which would be allocated to a Fund for such month in accordance with the methodology described below under the heading “Methodology of Allocating CMISC Reimbursable Out-of-Pocket Expenses.”

  • Economic loss means economic detriment consisting only of allowable expense, work loss, funeral expense, unemployment benefits loss, replacement services loss, cost of crime scene cleanup, and cost of evidence replacement. If criminally injurious conduct causes death, economic loss includes a dependent's economic loss and a dependent's replacement services loss. Noneconomic detriment is not economic loss; however, economic loss may be caused by pain and suffering or physical impairment.

  • Curative Allocation means any allocation of an item of income, gain, deduction, loss or credit pursuant to the provisions of Section 6.1(d)(xi).

  • Asset Allocation The following single issuer limits shall apply on a market value basis, with exception of Money-Market funds and US Treasury Bills, which may be held without limit:

  • Allocation Area means the River West Economic Development Area Allocation Area previously established by the Redevelopment Commission in accordance with IC 36-7-14-39 for the purposes of capturing incremental ad valorem real property taxes levied and collected on all taxable property in such allocation area.

  • Allocation Percentage means, with respect to any Monthly Period, the percentage equivalent of a fraction:

  • Wasteload allocation or "wasteload" or "WLA" means the portion of a receiving surface water's loading or assimilative capacity allocated to one of its existing or future point sources of pollution. WLAs are a type of water quality-based effluent limitation.

  • Nonrecourse Built-in Gain means with respect to any Contributed Properties or Adjusted Properties that are subject to a mortgage or pledge securing a Nonrecourse Liability, the amount of any taxable gain that would be allocated to the Partners pursuant to Section 6.2(b) if such properties were disposed of in a taxable transaction in full satisfaction of such liabilities and for no other consideration.

  • Allocated Realized Loss Amount With respect to any Distribution Date and any Class of Mezzanine Certificates, the sum of (i) any Realized Losses allocated to such Class of Certificates on such Distribution Date and (ii) the amount of any Allocated Realized Loss Amount for such Class of Certificates remaining unpaid from the previous Distribution Date.

  • Indicated Mineral Resource means that part of a mineral resource for which quantity, grade or quality, densities, shape and physical characteristics, can be estimated with a level of confidence sufficient to allow the appropriate application of technical and economic parameters, to support mine planning and evaluation of the economic viability of the deposit. The estimate is based on detailed and reliable exploration and testing information gathered through appropriate techniques from locations such as outcrops, trenches, pits, workings and drill holes that are spaced closely enough for geological and grade continuity to be reasonably assumed.

  • Simulated Loss means the excess of the Carrying Value of an oil or gas property over the amount realized from the sale or other disposition of such property.

  • Built-in Gain means an amount equal to: (i) the Highest Sale Price (as hereinafter defined) determined as of the date the Change in Control occurs, multiplied by the total number of shares of common stock of the Company which the Executive could acquire by exercising all of the options to acquire common stock of the Company which, as of the date the Change in Control occurs, were issued to the Executive, outstanding and unexercised, minus (ii) the Aggregate Exercise Price of such options.

  • Allocation Schedule has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3.

  • Waste load allocation means (i) the water quality-based annual mass load of total nitrogen or

  • Group II Allocation Percentage With respect to any Distribution Date, the percentage equivalent of a fraction, the numerator of which is (i) the Group II Principal Remittance Amount for such Distribution Date, and the denominator of which is (ii) the Principal Remittance Amount for such Distribution Date.

  • Profits and Losses For each Fiscal Year or other period, an amount equal to the Partnership's taxable income or loss (as the case may be) for such year or period, determined in accordance with Code Section 703(a) (for this purpose, all items of income, gain, loss or deduction required to be stated separately pursuant to Code Section 703(a)(1) shall be included in taxable income or loss), with the following adjustments:

  • Load allocation means the portion of a receiving waterbody's loading capacity that is attributed either to one (1) of its existing or future nonpoint sources of pollution or to natural background sources.