Right of Sample Clauses

Right of. First Refusal ----------------------
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Right of. First Refusal ---------------------- If, at any time during the Term of this Lease, as the same may be extended pursuant to the Extension Option, Landlord shall receive a bona fide offer to purchase the Building Parcel from any unrelated third party on terms and conditions which Landlord wishes to accept (the "Offer"), Landlord agrees that Tenant shall have, and Landlord hereby grants to Tenant, a right of first refusal with respect to such Offer ("Right of First Refusal"), exercisable on the terms and conditions set forth in this Subsection. Landlord shall provide written notice to Tenant that Landlord has received an Offer which it wishes to accept, and shall set forth the basic business terms of such Offer ("Offer Notice"). Under no circumstances shall Landlord be required to provide Tenant with a copy of the actual Offer received by Landlord or to identify the name of the potential purchaser to Tenant. Tenant shall have seven (7) business days from the effective date of the Offer Notice to notify Landlord in writing that Tenant wishes to purchase the Building Parcel on the terms and conditions set forth in the Offer Notice ("Acceptance Notice"). If Tenant shall provide its Acceptance Notice to Landlord in a timely manner, then Landlord and Tenant agree to work together in good faith to prepare and enter into a contract for the purchase and sale of the Building Parcel incorporating the Offer terms and conditions. If Tenant shall fail to exercise its Right of First Refusal by providing its Acceptance Notice in a timely manner, then Tenant's Right of First Refusal shall lapse and be of no further force or effect, and Landlord shall thereafter be free to sell the Building Parcel to such third party offeror. Tenant's Right of First Refusal shall not be exercisable at any time that Tenant is in default under any of its material obligations under this Lease. If the Offer is for the purchase of the Project as a whole or for the purchase of the Building as part of a package which includes another building in the Project, then this Right of First Refusal shall not apply.
Right of. Lien Executive shall be issued a UCC 1 which shall be recorded by the company in the amount of Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars ($900,000.00) (collectively, the "Severance Payments") for the purpose of security in the event of default under the provisions of this agreement. Upon payment in full of all shares and money Executive shall release said lien.
Right of. UNIT MEMBERS TO JOIN OR NOT JOIN: Each unit member has the right to form, join and participate in lawful activities of employee organizations and the right to refuse to form, join and participate in employee organizations. AFA and the District will not discriminate against a unit member who exercises these rights.
Right of. First Refusal on Issuance of New Securities by the Company. -------------------------------------------------------------------
Right of. In the event that (i) it becomes necessary for [*] to [*] under [*] of a Third Party, where such [*] or [*] of a Development Compound comprising a Licensed Product, or the [*] or [*] (as defined below) of the Collaboration Target to which such Licensed Product is directed, which Development Compound or Collaboration Target is within the CK Existing Technology or consists of Collaboration or Post-Collaboration Technology owned solely or jointly by CK, and such [*] would [*] or [*] of such Licensed Product (but not, for example, by reason of its [*] or [*]), and (ii) [*] must [*] such Third Party for such [*] on [*] such Licensed Product [*], [*] may [*] that [*] of the [*] to such Third Party as the Parties agree under [*] below, but in no event more than [*] percent ([*]%) of such [*], against [*] on [*] of such Licensed Product [*], subject in each case to the [*] of [*] specified in [*] below. [*] shall not be entitled to such [*] in [*] of the [*] in the event the [*] of such Third Party for which such [*] have been incurred are [*] or [*]. For purposes of this Section 6.12.1, a [*] shall "[*] of the Collaboration Target" if such [*] a [*] or [*] by [*] of such Collaboration Target.
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Right of. First Refusal. Until 120 days after the effective date of the Registration Statement described in Section 10.1(iv) hereof, the Subscriber shall be given not less than ten (10) business days prior written notice of any proposed sale by the Company of its common stock or other securities or debt obligations except as disclosed in the Reports or Other Written Information. The Subscriber shall have the right during the ten (10) business days following the notice to agree to purchase an amount of Company Shares in the same proportion as being purchased in the aggregate offering to which this Subscription Agreement relates (i.e. $750,000 in the aggregate), of those securities proposed to be issued and sold, in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the notice of sale. In the event such terms and conditions are modified during the notice period, the Subscriber shall be given prompt notice of such modification and shall have the right during the original notice period or for a period of ten (10) business days following the notice of modification, whichever is longer, to exercise such right. In the event the right of first refusal described in this Section is exercised by the Subscriber and the Company thereby receives net proceeds from such exercise, then commissions and fees will be paid by the Company to the Placement Agents in the same amounts as specified in the notice of sale.
Right of. Way (ROW) Removal: The Contractor shall remove all debris from the ROW of the Municipality when directed to do so by the Municipality. This debris removal work will include 1) examining debris to determine whether or not the debris is eligible vegetative, construction and demolition or other debris, 2) loading the debris, 3) hauling the debris to an approved dumpsite or landfill, and 4) dumping the debris at the dumpsite or landfill. Ineligible debris will not be loaded, hauled, or dumped under this contract. Mixed loading of debris shall be kept to a minimum. Debris removal shall include all eligible disaster related debris found on the ROW within the area designated by the Municipality. The Municipality may specify any eligible debris within the ROW which should not be removed, or which should be removed at a later time or by others. Any eligible debris, such as fallen trees, which extends onto the ROW from private property, shall be cut, by the Contractor, at the point where it enters the ROW, and that part of the debris which lies within the ROW shall be removed. The Contractor shall not enter onto private property during the performance of this contract without the approval of the Municipality. The Contractor maybe requested by the Municipality to remove debris from public areas which may include operational facilities, utility facilities and other land owned by the Municipality. The Contractor shall use reasonable care not to damage any public or private property not already damaged by the storm event. Should any property be damaged due to negligence on the part of the Contractor, the Municipality may either xxxx the Contractor for the damages or withhold funds due to the Contractor. Debris removal and delivered to a debris disposal site will be paid based on a cubic yard according to the prices found in Addendum 1 of this contract. Debris removed and delivered to an authorized landfill will be paid based on per cubic yard hauled according with the prices found in Addendum 1 of this contract.
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