Return to Work definition

Return to Work. The unit member's request for return to duty following industrial accident leave must be accompanied by licensed physician or licensed practitioner's release certifying the unit member's capability of resuming all regular activity of the designated assignment.
Return to Work means placement of the injured worker into suitable employment, as defined by Item (5) of this Rule or applicable statute.
Return to Work means when an employee has stopped work for the day and is required at a later time to return to his/her assigned duty location to perform assigned tasks.

Examples of Return to Work in a sentence

  • Return to Work IncentiveThe Return to Work Incentive is shown in the Schedule of Benefits.

  • If you are working while Disabled, the Disability Benefit Calculation will be the Return to Work Incentive.

  • In any month in which you work and a Disability Benefit is payable, the Return to Work Incentive applies.

  • If You are Disabled and not receiving benefits under the Return to Work Incentive, We will calculate Your Monthly Benefit as follows:1) multiply Your Monthly Income Loss by the Benefit Percentage;2) compare the result with the Maximum Benefit; and3) from the lesser amount, deduct Other Income Benefits.

  • Unum has a vocational Rehabilitation and Return to Work Assistance program available to assist you in returning to work.

More Definitions of Return to Work

Return to Work means to the job to which the employee was employed under her original contract of employment, and on terms and conditions not less favourable than those which would have been applicable to her if she had not been absent. ‘Job’ for this purpose, means the nature of the work that she is employed to do and the capacity and place in which she is so employed.
Return to Work. Any time a unit member on industrial accident or illness leave is able to return to work, he/she may be reinstated to a position comparable to the one previously held by the unit member without loss of status or benefits. An employee who is unable to return to work when all available paid leaves have been exhausted shall be terminated and placed on a re-employment list for a period of thirty-nine (39) months. Upon receiving and presenting to the District a full medical release, the unit member shall be employed in the first vacant position in the classification of his/her previous assignment over all other available candidates, except for a re-employment list established because of layoff, in which case the unit member shall be listed in accordance with seniority regulations related to re-employment after layoff.
Return to Work. Any employee returning from an authorized family leave shall be entitled to 46 the same position held by the employee when the leave commenced, or to a position with 47 equivalent benefits and pay (RCW 49.78.280). The employee will not be entitled to accrue any 48 seniority or employment benefits during any period of leave, nor will s/he be entitled to any 1 benefit other than those to which the employee would have been entitled had s/he not taken the 2 leave. Reinstatement of an employee returning from family leave need not occur if:
Return to Work. When work returns to the units, or state budget allocations reposition the university to return furloughed employees to work before March 13, 2021, they will return to work by seniority order.
Return to Work is understood to mean the employee completed at least one-half (½) of a scheduled workday or shift.
Return to Work means modified duties, alternate duties or tasks, or ease back,
Return to Work means modified duties, alternate duties or tasks, or ease back, including approved employer‐initiated ease backs. Return to work includes transition from light, alternative or modified duties and modified or alternative work.