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Before starting a test, the stabilisation of the temperature of the filament light source shall be obtained by operating at test voltage for 10 minutes. In the case of filament light sources, for which more than one test voltage is specified, the relevant test voltage value shall be used for achieving stabilization.
Before starting. Reporting Entities must complete registration before beginning to report on the use of funds. A reporting TIN submitting reports in multiple reporting periods will only need to register once. Users will need approximately 20 minutes to complete the registration process. The registration process must be completed in one session as it is not possible to save partially entered information. Upon successful registration and at the end of the reporting process, portal users will receive an email notification from ‘’ Portal users should add this email address to their safe sender list before beginning. For instructions on adding‘’ as a safe email sender, users should follow the instructions of the email provider associated with the email account. As an example, instructions for Outlook users may be found at settings-48c9f6f7-2309-4f95-9a4d-de987e880e46#bkmk_safesenders. Please note that the ‘’ account is not monitored and should not be used to communicate with HRSA staff.Reporting Entities should ensure they have all the information required to register available before they begin. Information required to register:
Before starting inspect the installation of all backing materials. Where individual pieces of backing join to one another, make sure there are no gaps, ledges or discontinuities so that they don’t show through after the sealant has cured. Smooth, trim or bridge gaps with tape as necessary. Backer Rod and Grip Strip Backing materials are an integral part of a sealant system and should be used wherever possible. The overall performance of any sealant system is dependent on the use of correct application thickness and proper backing. For small joinery the most commonly used backing is round backer rod. It comes in a range of sizes and is relatively inexpensive. It is flexible it and can be pushed into a crevice without needing to be nailed or stapled. Weather • Freshly applied sealants should be protected from direct rainfall for a minimum of 24 hours. Either watch the weather or drape a newly sealed wall with plastic film. Be sure to allow some airspace between the wall and the plastic to facilitate drying. • Avoid applying sealants in cold weather (below 40°). It is important that the logs be free of frost anddew in order to ensure that the sealant adheres tightly to the wood. • Apply when sealant and surface temperatures are between 40°F and 90°F • Do not apply in direct sunlight, especially on south and west walls. If newly applied chinking is exposed to sunlight blisters may develop. The effect can be minimized by shading the walls with white tarps for the first 1-2 days. In the first few days, blisters can be closed by puncturing the surface skin of the chinking and carefully pressing the blister surface back against the wet chinking inside. • Do not apply if rain is expected within 24 hours Please Note: Temperature and humidity are largely responsible for log movement. When the temperature rises, the logs will expand, and at the coldest temperature, they will contract. When you apply sealant during cold, damp conditions the logs will more than likely be at the smallest dimensions (after some normal shrinkage may have occurred). When the weather dries out and warms up, the sealant will normally relax. Conversely, if you apply sealant during hot, dry conditions, the joint will be at its smallest point, and when temperatures fall or even turn very humid, the logs may contract and put the sealant in stress. Sometimes the contraction or movement may be severe enough to tear the sealant. Application Apply Perma-Chink log home sealant after staining for the best finished app...

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  • Stage One Should the Grievor not receive a satisfactory response from the relevant Dean, (or the administrative supervisor in the case of a Librarian or Counsellor) within ten working days after the initial consultation referred to above, the Faculty Association, upon the request and on behalf of the Grievor, may submit a written grievance to the Vice President Academic, or designate. The written grievance shall cite the factual background of the grievance, the provision(s) of the Agreement alleged to have been infringed upon or violated, and the remedy sought. The Grievor and/or the designated executive member of the Faculty Association shall attempt to settle the matter with the Vice President Academic or his/her designate. A written reply shall be given to the Grievor and to the Faculty Association within ten working days of receipt of the written grievance.

  • Completion The Subcontractor will be required, unless otherwise stated under the terms of this Agreement, to complete the Services: (choose one) ☐ - By the Specific date of ______________________, 20____. ☐ - In accordance with industry standards. ☐ - Other: ________________________________________________________

  • LEAD HANDS 35.01 Lead hands will assist in directing work of employees while continuing to perform his own regular job assignment. In the course of his assignment as a lead hand he may also be assigned to perform work regularly done by employees he leads. He shall not assume any of the employee relations supervisory responsibilities that properly belong to foreman or other management representatives exclusively, such as reprimanding or disciplining employees or deciding who should be promoted or laid off. The Company will determine when or where lead hands are to be assigned when ever required for the efficient operation of the plant. The Company shall post the position of lead hand and shall select a lead hand from the list of applicants, and the most senior applicant will be considered. It is understood that lead hands do not have any preferred seniority within the group. When an employee has been selected and assigned by the Company to perform the duties of lead hand. The employee performing this function, shall during the time assigned, be paid a minimum of fifty cents ($.50) per hour above the highest hourly rated employee in the group he is leading.

  • Start Date The parental leave must begin no later than 52 weeks after the day the child is born or comes into the custody, care and control of the parent for the first time for provincially or federally regulated employees. The parental leave of an employee who takes a pregnancy leave must begin when the pregnancy leave ends unless the child has not yet come into the care and control of the parent for the first time.

  • Start-Up and Synchronization Consistent with the mutually acceptable procedures of the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner, the Developer is responsible for the proper synchronization of the Large Generating Facility to the New York State Transmission System in accordance with NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner procedures and requirements.

  • PROGRESS AND COMPLETION 8.2.1 All time limits stated in the Contract Documents are material terms and time is the essence of the Contract. A failure by Contractor to do what is required by the time specified in the Contract Documents is a breach of the contract.