Wages Sample Clauses

Wages. Wage rates for employees shall be as prescribed in Schedule A. These wage rates are effective from the dates specified in Schedule A. These wage increases shall be in lieu of any other increases granted by the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales during the term of this Agreement except that should the Parent Award's all purpose hourly wages rates exceed the rates under this Award, employees shall be paid at the higher hourly rate. The parties agree that apprenticeships and Traineeships are now competency based and therefore require individual assessment on an ongoing basis. Progression through the apprenticeship must meet the necessary academic and workplace competency standards as determined by the union, employer and relevant authority. Expense related allowances, with the exception of the excess fares allowance, will be paid in accordance with the Parent Award and varied as the Parent Award is varied.
Wages. 11.01 During the term of this agreement, the Company and the Union agree that all payment of wages will be made weekly in accordance with the wage rates set forth in Schedule "A", hereto, which is hereby made a part of this agreement.
Wages. For the purpose of achieving stability of income for the trainee, the employer shall pay a weekly wage calculated on the following basis - where X equals the appropriate junior rate under the relevant award and 39 represents the actual weeks spent on the job in the 12 month period. Provided that the weekly wage rate payable to a trainee shall not be less than the minimum weekly rate set or recognised by the Australian Traineeship System.
Wages. 8:1 The minimum wages to be paid employees of the Company covered by this Agreement shall be as set forth in Appendix A.
Wages. 12.01 The Company shall remunerate an employee at the wage rate applicable to the job classification that such an employee is employed in. The job classification and applicable wage rates shall be those agreed upon and set out in Appendix "A", attached hereto, and forming part of this Agreement.
Wages. The Units and Shares subject to the Units do not form part of the Employee’s wages for the purposes of calculating any statutory or contractual payments under Hong Kong law.
Wages. 24.01 The University agrees to pay and the Union agrees to accept, for the term of this Agreement, the rates of wages as outlined in Schedule “A” attached hereto and forming part of this Agreement.
Wages. The Restricted Stock Units and shares of Stock subject to the Restricted Stock Units do not form part of Participant’s wages for purposes of calculating any statutory or contractual payments under Hong Kong law.