Work Related Injury Sample Clauses

Work Related Injury. A. An employee shall receive his/her regular day's pay for the date on which he/she was injured, when such injury occurred in the performance of his/her job and when there was no negligence on the part of the employee resulting in his/her injury.
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Work Related Injury. If available and at the option of the Employer, an Employee who has suffered an on the job injury may be offered light duty work, which may include bargaining unit work, based on the following conditions:
Work Related Injury i) The Hospital will notify the Bargaining Unit’s Occupational Health and Safety Representative of the names of all employees off work due to a work-related injury (whether or not the employees are in receipt of WCB/WSIB Benefits) by the 15th day of each month. The report will show the employees off work as of the end of the previous month.
Work Related Injury. The Board shall provide worker’s compensation coverage for each teacher in Xxxxxxxxx Public Schools. When a teacher of the Bargaining Unit is off work because of a work-related injury, that teacher:
Work Related Injury. Work related injuries will be governed by the Workers’ Compensation Policy as stated in the Sheriff’s Policy Manual (SPM), State and Federal Law.
Work Related Injury. A. Leave of absence with pay in the event of work-related injury shall be provided in accordance with Section 2. For each separate use of injury leave, the first eight (8) hours will be charged to the employee’s accumulated sick leave hours. However, should the member submit to the Fire Chief a report of medical examination from the employee’s treating physician documenting that the absence is related to the initial work injury, no deduction will be charged to said members accumulated balance.
Work Related Injury. The Board shall maintain Workers' Compensation coverage. When a Member of the Bargaining Unit is off work because of a work-related injury, that Member:
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Work Related Injury. S-1 With the employee's consent the Employer will inform the Union within twenty- four (24) hours or as soon as possible of any employee who has been assaulted or injured while performing her/his work. Such notification will be confirmed in writing.
Work Related Injury. An employee who is eligible to receive Illinois Workers’ Compensation temporary disability benefits for a period of absence from employment may elect whether to take sick leave benefits or Worker's Compensation benefits during the period of disability. If the employee elects to take a paid sick leave during the period of disability, said employee shall turn over to the Employer the amount of Worker's Compensation benefits received. If the employee elects to take Worker's Compensation benefits during the period of disability, the said employee shall not have any reduction of sick leave credit accrued. An employee who has exhausted his or her sick leave accumulation shall not receive a salary and shall not be required to turn over to the Employer any Workers’ Compensation benefits which he or she receives. If an employee sustains a work-related injury which requires medical treatment during the employee workday on the date of the injury or the following two (2) workdays, the employee will not be charged sick leave or personal leave for time absent for purposes of receiving medical treatment on such days, provided the employee furnishes a physician's certificate that medical treatment during the employee's workday was necessary.
Work Related Injury. Employees who suffer a work-related injury should refer to the District’s website at > District > Human Resources > Worker’s Compensation for complete information and current insurance provider and reporting requirements.
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