Active participation definition

Active participation means an ongoing process of good faith negotiation between the state licensing agency and the Indiana elected committee of licensed managers to achieve joint planning of:
Active participation means a process of good faith negotiations involving the Elected Committee of Licensed Managers and the State Licensing Agency. The Committee must be given the opportunity to have meaningful input into the decision-making process in the formulation of program policies which govern the duties, supervision, transfer, promotion and financial participation of licensed managers. The SLA is charged with the ultimate responsibility for the administration and operation of all aspects of the Business Enterprise Program.
Active participation means making a regular, substantial contribution to an organization. Membership by itself does not constitute active participation.

Examples of Active participation in a sentence

  • Active participation in the network of Erasmus organisations: one of the objectives of the Programme is to support the development of the European Education Area.

More Definitions of Active participation

Active participation means the foster youth is demonstrating efforts toward completion of case plan goals such as regular attendance at school or employment that results in school credits or earned wages.
Active participation in the means of organising a workshop / session / stand / exhibition directly related to the project (apart from events presented in section 2).
Active participation means attending classes, engaging in other activities that are part of the related/supple- mental instruction, and working or seeking work in accor- dance with the apprenticeship agreement.
Active participation means an ongoing process of negotiations between SBVI and the committee to achieve joint planning and approval of program policies, standards, and procedures affecting the overall operation of the vending facilities program, prior to their implementation by SBVI;
Active participation means a process of good faith negotiations involving the Elected
Active participation means a formal, ongoing process involving the mutual exchange of information and advice in regard to planning and review of proposed program policies, stan- dards and procedures, with the understanding that only the depart- ment has the responsibility to administer the program consistent with applicable statutes, regulations and this chapter, and that the right of the committee to actively participate does not affect that responsibility.
Active participation means communications and negotiations between the Elected Committee of Blind Vendors and the Division in matters pertaining to major administrative decisions and policy and program development decisions affecting the overall administration of the Business Enterprises Program prior to implementation.