For greater certainty Sample Clauses

For greater certainty. (a) the obligations set forth in paragraphs 1 and 2 above do not require treatment in addition to or beyond that which is required by the customary international law minimum standard of treatment of aliens; and
For greater certainty. (a) a Party may impose terms, conditions, and procedures for the authorisation of the establishment and expansion of a commercial presence provided that they do not circumvent the Party’s obligation under paragraph 1 and are consistent with the other provisions of this Chapter; and
For greater certainty. (i) a Discount Note shall mature and be due and payable on the same date as the maturity date for Acceptances specified in the applicable Notice of Drawing;
For greater certainty. (a) 9.8 applies where:
For greater certainty. (a) the Executive irrevocably assigns and transfers to Angiotech all rights, title, and interest in and to all Work Product and Intellectual Property, and all rights of action for infringement or other misuse, including all rights to file applications, and all pending applications, to patent, register, or record the Work Product and Intellectual Property;
For greater certainty a) The concepts of Fair and Equitable Treatment and full protection and security do not require additional treatment to that required under the minimum standard of treatment of aliens own of customary international law;
For greater certainty. (a) the general exceptions, security exceptions, and prudential carve-out referred to in Article 4 apply to measures of a Party adopted or maintained in the context of a certification procedure, and
For greater certainty. For greater certainty, nothing in 11.1 is to be interpreted:
For greater certainty. (a) If the Newly Acquired Property is acquired by Longshot, Uniontown in order to exercise the option and add that Newly Acquired Property to the Project Properties shall pay 100% of the cost of the acquisition of such Newly Acquired Property. If the Newly Acquired Property is acquired by Uniontown, it is automatically added to the Project Properties without any payment by Longshot;
For greater certainty the fact that a measure breaches domestic law does not, in and of itself, establish a breach of this Article. In order to ascertain whether the measure breaches this Article, the Tribunal must consider whether a Party has acted inconsistently with the obligations in paragraph 1.