Grade Sample Clauses

Grade. TEMPERATURE SCHEDULE The Contractor will be responsible for delivery of straight 1D, straight 2D or straight BioDiesel, or any blend of 1D and 2D or BioDiesel as listed in the IFB specifications. Agencies desiring a mix other than normally required under these specifications must notify the Office of General Services and the Contractor in writing of the specific mix desired. Also, unless the agency specified otherwise when ordering, the Contractor will adhere to the following schedule: Grade/Mix Temperatures Costing Formula #2D/BioDiesel Spring/Summer/Early Fall* (above 20°F ambient). *Early Fall - used up to October Current Contract Price #1D Winter (coldest areas) (sub zero ambient to -40°F) Current Contract Price #2D/BioDiesel/1D Winter Mix: See Low Temperature Operability/Performance Characteristics under Detailed Specifications section Current Contract Price for respective gallon-age of each grade supplied
Grade. A term used to designate a salary range to which one or more classifications may be allocated.
Grade. It is understood that the current active employees in the 17.1 and 19.3 classifications will be grandfathered until they retire at the 17.1 and 19.3 rate as stipulated in the most current Collective Agreement. Any other employee within the plant who has achieved this certification will be required to follow the posting process to enter the 19.4 grade. Yours truly, Autoliv Electronics Canada, Inc. Paul Tucker Manager, Human Resources ORIGINALLY ISSUED: January 13, 2007 MODIFIED: January 13, 2010 LETTER # 28 - RE: Refusal of Recall (Out of Plant) Mr. Paul Mitchell Business Representative International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers 557 Dixon Road, Unit 102 Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 6K1 Dear Mr. Mitchell, This letter will confirm the agreement of the parties regarding the recall procedures when a laid off employee has received a recall and has indicated they do not wish to return to work at that point in time.
Grade. CCC employees shall be placed on Grade GA10.
Grade. CTEAC employees shall be placed on Grade GA10.
Grade. YIS employees shall be placed on Grade GA10.
Grade. AC employees shall be placed on Grade G08.