In order to ensure Sample Clauses

In order to ensure the operation of the framework established in accordance with paragraph 1, the Commission may conduct stress tests, simulations and in-action and after-action reviews with Member States, and propose the relevant Union-level bodies and the Member States to update the framework as necessary 3a. In order to promote and facilitate the free movement of goods and services during an internal market emergency mode, the Commission shall assist Member States and coordinate their efforts in laying down single digital forms for the purpose of declaration, registration or authorisation for activities carried out between Member States Article 6a (new)
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In order to ensure the proper application of the presumption of conformity with the accessibility requirements, the power to adopt acts in accordance with Article 290 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union should be delegated to the Commission in respect of the amendment of references to European standard EN 301 549 V1.1.2 (2015-04). It is of particular importance that the Commission carry out appropriate consultations during its preparatory work, including at expert level, and that those consultations be conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in the Interinstitutional Agreement on Better Law-Making of 13
In order to ensure the effectiveness of the cooperation mechanism, it is also important to ensure a minimum level of information and coordination with regard to foreign direct investments falling under the scope of this Regulation in all Member States. This information should be made available by the Member States for ▌foreign direct investment undergoing screening as well as, upon request, for other foreign direct investment▌. Relevant information includes aspects such as the ownership structure of the foreign investor and the financing of the planned or completed investment, including, when available, information about funding of the investment, including subsidies granted by third countries. Member States should seek to provide accurate, comprehensive and reliable information.
In order to ensure where appropriate, that identity cards and residence documents referred to in points (a) and (c) of Article 2 comply with future minimum security standards, the Commission shall establish, by means of implementing acts, additional technical specifications, relating to the following:
In order to ensure the right of all seafarers to decent employment and to limit distortions of competition in the internal market, future recognition of third countries should consider whether they have ratified the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.
In order to ensure consistency between the calculation of the APRC for different types of credit, the assumptions used for calculating similar forms of credit agreement should be generally consistent. In this respect, assumptions from Commission Directive 2011/90/EU of 14 November 2011 amending Part II of Annex I to Directive 2008/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council providing additional assumptions for the calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge1, modifying the assumptions for calculating the APRC should be incorporated. While not all assumptions will necessarily apply to credit agreements available now, product innovation in this sector is active and so it is necessary to have the assumptions in place. Furthermore, for the purpose of calculating the APRC, the
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In order to ensure the monitoring and accountability of the EFSD and of the EIP, the European Parliament or the Council may organise hearings as part of a dialogue with the Commission, the High Representative, the EIB and other eligible financial institutions as well as private sector and civil society organisations. AG\1129764EN.docx 15/59 PE607.892v01-00 EN

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  • Creation Orders After the Transfer Agent has received notification of a Submission from the Participant for a creation order for Shares which has been Deemed Received by the Transfer Agent as set forth below in Section IV, the Transfer Agent shall initiate procedures to transfer the requisite Shares through DTC and the DTC Participant and the Cash Component, if any, through the Federal Reserve Bank wire system so as to be received by the creator no later than on the third (3rd) Business Day following the Business Day on which the Submission is Deemed Received by the Transfer Agent.

  • Stop Payment Order Request Any owner may request a stop payment order on any check or draft drawn on the owner’s account. To be binding, the order must be in writing, dated and signed, and must accurately describe the check or draft, including the exact account number, the check or draft number, and the exact amount of the check or draft. This exact information is necessary for the Credit Union’s computer to identify the check or draft. If we receive incorrect or incomplete information, we will not be responsible for failing to stop payment on the check or draft. In addition, we must receive sufficient advance notice of the stop payment order to allow us a reasonable opportunity to act on it. If we recredit your account after paying a check or draft over a valid and timely stop payment order, you agree to sign a statement describing the dispute with the payee, to assign to us all of your rights against the payee or other holders of the check or draft, and to assist us in any legal action.

  • Redemption Orders In the case of Day 1 Trades that constitute a net redemption (including exchanges) Order, the Fund or its designee will arrange for a federal funds wire transfer of the net redemption amount to a custodial account designated by the Company on Day 2, or in no instance later than the time provided for in the applicable Portfolio’s Prospectus.

  • Stop Payment Orders If you do not want us to pay a check you have issued, you can request us to stop payment of that check. Any Authorized Representative may order us to stop payment on a check and we will charge a fee. See the fee schedule applicable to your Account for details. Your stop payment order must include your Account number, the number and date of your check, the amount, and the name of the payee. We are not responsible for stop payment orders with incorrect or incomplete information. If you make your stop payment order orally and do not confirm it in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days, we may not continue to honor it. Our acceptance of a stop payment order will not constitute a representation that the Item has not already been paid or that the Bank has had a reasonable opportunity to act upon the order. Your stop payment order will take effect only after we receive all required documents from you, we verify that the check is unpaid, we record it on your Account, and we have had sufficient time to notify the impacted areas of the Bank (which may take several days), and we will not be liable if we pay the check or for any related Losses you incur before the stop payment order has taken effect. We cannot stop payment on a check we have already cashed or a deposited check where the funds have already been withdrawn. You may not stop payment on money orders issued by the Bank or on official, certified, cashier’s, or teller’s checks issued by the Bank. In addition, you may not stop payment on checks governed by separate agreement, such as a check guaranty agreement. Your stop payment order will be effective for six (6) months, and can be renewed for six (6) more months for an additional fee. We have no obligation to notify you when your stop payment order expires. If you want to release a stop payment order, you must tell us in writing. If the check is presented for payment after a stop payment order expires, we may pay the check. In some cases, we may pay a check even if a stop payment order is in effect. For example, if we or another person or entity becomes a “holder in due course” of a check that you ask us to stop, we may still pay the check. When you place a stop payment order, you agree to indemnify us for all Losses we incur due to our refusal to pay the Item. You assign to us all rights against the payee or any other holder of the check. You agree to cooperate with us in any legal actions that we may take against these parties. Applicable Law may permit other limitations on our obligation to stop payments. Refer to Section 8 of this Agreement, “Electronic Funds Transfers,” for how to place a stop payment on electronic payments.

  • Litigation; Orders There is no Proceeding (whether federal, state, local or foreign) pending or, to the knowledge of the Acquiror Company, threatened against or affecting the Acquiror Company or any of Acquiror Company’s properties, assets, business or employees. To the knowledge of the Acquiror Company, there is no fact that might result in or form the basis for any such Proceeding. The Acquiror Company is not subject to any Orders.

  • Project Delivery Order Procedures The TIPS Member having approved and signed an interlocal agreement, or other TIPS Membership document, may make a request of the awarded vendor under this Agreement when the TIPS Member has services that need to be undertaken. Notification may occur via phone, the web, email, fax, or in person. Upon notification of a pending request, the awarded vendor shall make contact with the TIPS Member as soon as possible, but must make contact with the TIPS Member within two working days. Scheduling of Projects Scheduling of projects (if applicable) may be accomplished when the TIPS Member issues a Purchase Order and/or an Agreement or Contract that will serve as “the notice to proceed” as agreed by the Vendor and the TIPS Member. The period for the delivery order will include the mobilization, materials purchase, installation and delivery, design, weather, and site cleanup and inspection. No additional claims may be made for delays as a result of these items. When the tasks have been completed the awarded vendor shall notify the client and have the TIPS Member or a designated representative of the TIPS Member inspect the work for acceptance under the scope and terms in the Purchase Order and/or Agreement or Contract. The TIPS Member will issue in writing any corrective actions that are required. Upon completion of these items, the TIPS Member will issue a completion notice and final payment will be issued per the contractual requirements of the project with the TIPS Member. Any Construction contract prepared by the TIPS Member’s Legal Counsel may alter the terms of this subsection, “Scheduling of Projects”.

  • Commission Orders If the Commission shall issue any stop order or any other order preventing or suspending the use of the Prospectus, or shall institute any proceedings for that purpose, then the Company will promptly notify the Dealer Manager and use its commercially reasonable efforts to prevent the issuance of any such order and, if any such order is issued, to use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the removal thereof as promptly as possible.

  • Daily Order Confirmation All Agreement purchase orders will be approved daily by TIPS and sent to vendor. The vendor must confirm receipt of orders to the TIPS Member (customer) within 24 business hours. • Vendor custom website for TIPS: If Vendor is hosting a custom TIPS website, then updated pricing must be posted by 1st of each month.

  • Confirmation Order The Bankruptcy Court shall have entered the Confirmation Order, and such Order shall be a Final Order.

  • Court Ordered Requests for Call Detail Records and Other Subscriber Information 7.1 To the extent technically feasible, BellSouth maintains call detail records for Mpower end users for limited time periods and can respond to subpoenas and court ordered requests for this information. BellSouth shall maintain such information for Mpower end users for the same length of time it maintains such information for its own end users.

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