Provincial Government definition

Provincial Government means the Government of a Province of Pakistan;
Provincial Government means, as mean, as respects anything done before the commencement of the Constitution, the authority or person authorized at the relevant date or administer executive government in the Province in question.
Provincial Government. ’ means the provincial government of the Province; 35

Examples of Provincial Government in a sentence

  • Misbehave with the University employee;37.2 The bidder shall provide affidavit that the firm was not declared blacklisted or deregistered by any of the Federal and Provincial Government institution.

  • The bidder with the lowest evaluated bid, if not in conflict with any other law, rules, regulations or policy of the Provincial Government, shall be awarded the Contract, within the original or extended period of bid validity.

  • We also declare that our Company/Organization is not blacklisted by any of the Federal or Provincial Government in Pakistan.

  • Interested bidders may obtain further information from Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from 8am -5pm.

  • An affidavit from bidder of Rs.20/- stating that their firm is not blacklisted by any of the Federal and Provincial Government or organizations of the State/ Central Government in Pakistan.

More Definitions of Provincial Government

Provincial Government means the Provincial Government of the Western Cape, and includes a provincial public entity;
Provincial Government. ’ means a provincial government, acting through the MEC responsible for housing;
Provincial Government means the provincial executive established by Chapter 6 of the Constitution for each province, and includes all provincial organs of state in that province;
Provincial Government means the Western Cape government;
Provincial Government means the Government of the relevant Province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in which a petroleum right, is to be or, has been granted, and in the event such a petroleum right extends over more than one Province then the Government of each such Province;
Provincial Government means Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia.
Provincial Government means higher education department of concerned province where institution/offshore campus is being opened/operated.