Higher Classification Sample Clauses

Higher Classification. (a) In the event a classification review results in a position being reclassified at a higher level, the employee presently filling the position shall, if qualified, be assigned to the position at the higher level at a rate of pay which is equal to or higher than his or her current rate of pay.
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Higher Classification. The Department Head will work all employees within their career classifications. The departments may specifically assign an employee to work in a higher class. Such assignments shall be in writing and shall indicate the reasons, length and duties of the assignment. Assignments over one (1) week shall be approved in advance by the City Manager or his or her designee. Blanket authorizations for department will be issued on a yearly basis for applicable positions. To be eligible for higher-class pay, the employee must work a minimum of four (4) hours, meet the minimum qualifications, and perform the duties of the higher class. Employees meeting these requirements will be compensated at the lowest step of the higher classification which provides at least a five percent (5%) differential. The journey- level employees will rotate the assignment on a monthly basis and perform the necessary duties. In the event the offer of higher class is declined by the journey- level employee assigned for that month, volunteers will be asked according to the rotation list. If there are no volunteers, the journey-level employee assigned for that month will be required to perform the necessary duties.
Higher Classification. 12:23 If a man starts his day's work, he shall not be paid less than his regular posted rate for the day. If work is to be made available at a lower classification he shall be notified the day previous.
Higher Classification. When the Agency assigns an employee, in writing, for a limited time period to perform the major distinguishing duties of a position at a higher level classification for five (5) consecutive work days, that employee shall be paid at the first step in the assigned classification or five percent (5%) more than his/her current rate of pay, whichever is greater. Employees regularly working a schedule of four consecutive ten (10)–hour days who the Agency assigns in writing to perform the major distinguishing duties of a position at a higher level classification for four (4) consecutive ten (10)-hour days, will be paid work-out-of-class pay in accordance with the provisions of this subsection. When such assignments are made to work out of classification for four (4) or five
Higher Classification. An employee who is promoted to a higher rated classification within the bargaining unit will be placed in the range of the higher rated classification so that he shall receive no less an increase in wage rate than the equivalent of one step in the wage rate of his previous classification (provided that he does not exceed the wage rate of the classificationto which he has been promoted).
Higher Classification. Section 1. An employee assigned by the Employer to work in a classification with a higher wage rate for two (2) or more hours on a single day shall get the higher rate for the entire day. No employee shall be deemed to be working in such higher classification absent specific advance authorization.
Higher Classification. 13.9 If an employee starts their days work, they shall not be paid less than their regular posted rate for the day. If work is to be made available at a lower classification the employee shall be notified the day pervious.
Higher Classification. 5 A classification for which the applicable pay range has a higher top 6 step.
Higher Classification. Where assigned to a higher classification, s/he shall be credited at the highest hourly rate in the higher classification. Where the hours credited in a block month exceed twenty-five (25) hours in the higher classification, s/he will be paid all hours in that month at the highest hourly rate in the higher classification for the aircraft operated.
Higher Classification. Any employee assigned to a higher classification after five consecutive days shall be compensated at the grade and step of the classification to which the employee is appointed; pay and higher classification shall be paid from the date on which the employee began working in the higher classification.