The Advisory Committee Sample Clauses

The Advisory Committee. 1. The Advisory Committee, as a consultative and advisory organ of the GGGI, shall have a key role in:
The Advisory Committee. (a) Each year a Majority in Interest of the Profit Members shall select an Advisory Committee, which shall consist of not more than six (6) persons.
The Advisory Committee. 1. The Advisory Committee shall:
The Advisory Committee. (1) An Advisory Committee shall be set up. It shall assist the Council and the Mixed Committee in the preparation of the appointment of the judges of the Court.
The Advisory Committee. 5.1. The Meeting of the Parties shall establish an Advisory Committee to provide expert advice and infor- mation to the Secretariat and the Parties on the conservation and management of small cetaceans and on other matters in relation to the running of the agreement, having regard to the need not to duplicate the work of other international bodies and the desirability of drawing on their expertise.
The Advisory Committee. The parties agree that the Advisory Committee shall continue to provide technical support on the plan implementation to the Policy Committee, including identification of priorities. The Advisory Committee will remain as consisting of the local Plan Work Group, stakeholders, the state's main water agencies, and/or plan review agencies. The Technical Advisory Committee will meet at the biennial summit and more often as needed.
The Advisory Committee. 2.1 There shall be constituted a Committee which shall be called the Advisory Committee and shall comprise six (6) members, three (3) of whom shall be appointed by the Government and the other three (3) by the Contractor. The quorum for a meeting of the Advisory Committee shall be (3) three members and such quorum shall consist of members from both parties.
The Advisory Committee. Members of the Advisory Committee shall be nominated by the Board and appointed by the Project Co-ordinator at his sole discretion at the first Board Meeting. Appointment to the Advisory Committee shall be for the full term of the Project. In the event of the discharge of a member (either by withdrawal or dismissal) a replacement shall be nominated by the Board and appointed by the Project Co-ordinator.
The Advisory Committee. 9.1. The Executive Committee shall have an Advisory Committee composed of:
The Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will be constituted by managers of end-user organisations (belonging or not to the SARNET2 Consortium), including Vendors, Utilities and Regulatory Bodies. The role of the Advisory Committee will be to provide the Steering Committee with advice on strategic orientations of the research activities of SARNET2, with the ultimate goal of a better prevention and mitigation of severe accidents in European NPPs. The Steering Committee will appoint the Advisory Committee members. The Advisory Committee members will elect a Chairperson and will meet yearly.