Working Day Sample Clauses

Working Day. Working Day means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday which is observed by the construction industry in the area of the Place of the Work.
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Working Day. For the purposes of this Article, working day shall be defined as any of the days in the interval from Monday to Friday not designated as a holiday.
Working Day. A calendar day, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and State-recognized legal holidays for the month in question.
Working Day. A working day is defined as any day when, in the opinion of the Engineer, soil and weather conditions are such as would permit any major operation of the project for six hours or over unless other unavoidable conditions prevent the contractor's operators. If conditions are such as to stop work in less than six hours, the day will not be counted as a working day. Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and holidays established by the laws of the state will not be counted as working days.
Working Day. Unless otherwise specified in row C.7 of the Information Sheet, Working Day means a Calendar Day other than:
Working Day. The total number of hours an employee is expected to be present and performing assigned duties. These definitions are to be used to assist in clarifying and understanding the intent and language of this Contract and do not constitute more than working definitions within the context of this Contract.
Working Day. Brother/Sister-in-law: brother or sister of either spouse, common-law spouse or same sex partner of the employee Grandparent-in-Law: the employee’s spouse, common-law spouse or same sex partner’s grandparent Grandchild-in-Law: grandchild of spouse, common-law spouse in law or same sex partner of the employee
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Working Day. Days: When used to define time limits for notices, meetings, postings, and the Grievance and Arbitration process, “working day” means Monday through Friday, exclusive of fixed holidays under this Agreement and days on which the unit is closed.
Working Day. “Working day” shall mean any day on which the administrative offices of a University are open for business.
Working Day. A working day is any calendar day scheduled for active performance of Contract requirements. END OF SECTION 10 SECTION 20 - PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS AND CONDITIONS
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