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The Requirements. 2.1. The relevant technical requirements are specified under the legislation and regulations referenced in Attachment 1.
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The Requirements contained herein as to the types and limits of all insurance to be maintained by the Parties are not intended to and shall not in any manner, limit or qualify the liabilities and obligations assumed by the Parties under this LGIA.
The Requirements. The Supplier shall supply and, where relevant, install the Goods in accordance with the Requirements.
The Requirements. All work embraced herein shall be accomplished in accordance with the applicable portions of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, 2021 Edition, and all subsequent supplements herein referred to as "Standard Specifications,” except as modified by these Special Conditions, Technical Specifications, and the Project Plans. In addition to the above, the Contractor shall comply with the requirements of the following:
The Requirements. The following guidelines establish the minimum standards that need be achieved or exceeded for each residence within the Sovereign Shores Estate, Paradise Point. These Design Guidelines form part of your contract of sale and must shape the design and construction of your home and surrounding landscape. Approval from the developer is in addition to, and not in lieu of, State and/or Local Government requirements. Covenant approval is required to be granted prior to lodging for building approvals with the relevant authority.
The Requirements. 5.1 The requirements from the selected Partnership Management evaluation and learning service provider includes but is not limited to the following:- Coordination Set up and maintain strong secretariat support to the Programme Steering Committee, chaired by the Ministry for Health & Sanitation, that provides the overall governance function to the programme. Develop a robust management and information system to capture and link information across all the implementing partners in this programme. Report to DFID on behalf of the programme implementing partners, collating and synthesising narrative and financial reports to produce joint six month and annual programme reports that demonstrate delivery and progress of the programme as a whole against the attached logical framework. Annually, working closely with UNICEF, UNFPA and the private sector service delivery provider, produce monthly financial forecasts which the PMEL service provider would track, and flag any required adjustments in a timely manner. Work closely with UN implementing agencies and their partners, and the private sector service provider to ensure that the programme’s objectives are being met and that opportunities for effective working to promote best outcomes are maximised. Work closely with the Reproductive and Child-health (RCH) directorate of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, GoSL and ensure alignment with the RCH Strategy 2011-2015. Evaluation Facilitate the finalisation and implementation of a programme evaluation plan to track programme outcome and impact. The PMEL unit in collaboration with the PSC will develop an evaluation dissemination plan for national, district and community level dissemination of reports, working with the Sierra Leone component of the DFID multi-country Evidence for Action on Maternal and Child Health programme (E4A). Commission programme evaluations at the programme midterm and completion to track programme outcome and impact. The midterm and final evaluation will also assess the effectiveness of the management and governance arrangements for the programme. The PMEL will also manage the implementation of component-specific evaluations as detailed in the evaluation plan during inception phase. Management of the programme’s operations research fund to strengthen the RMNH programme implementation and inform country reproductive, maternal and new-born health knowledge base. The PMEL unit will develop a mechanism to enable the RMNH implementing partners access...
The Requirements. An output-based contract with a mix of monthly/quarterly reports, and achievement of identified logframe milestones will be used for this purpose. The following generic outputs are expected from this consultancy; detailed outputs and milestones will be agreed to as part of the Inception Report. Inception report (within 2 months of inception): the TAS is expected to submit an inception report within 4 weeks of mobilisation of the team. The inception report with include, inter-alia, a set of outputs and milestones, to be developed in consultation with MSU and other key stakeholders, against which the TAS will be held accountable. The set of outputs/milestones is expected to qualify to the requirements outlined at the beginning of this section as well as the outputs developed under the project logframe at the minimum. The TAS has to also submit a workplan and budget for spending for next 6 months. Quarterly reports (for each quarter after inception phase): the TAS is expected to submit quarterly reports. The quarterly reports will be submitted in a format agreed with DFID and MSU. Any amendment to the workplan and budget will be proposed under these reports and agreed with DFID and MSU. Monthly updates: the TAS is expected to submit monthly updates on status in a simple tabular format agreed with DFID and MSU. Mid-term report: the TAS is expected to prepare and submit a mid-term report by December 2013. End-term report: the TAS is expected to prepare and submit an end-term report by February 2015.
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The Requirements 

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  • Time Requirements The Independent Contractor will not be required to follow or establish a regular or daily work schedule, but shall devote during the term of this Agreement the time, energy and skill as necessary to perform the services of this engagement and shall, periodically or at any time upon the request of the Company, submit information as to the amount of time worked and scope of work performed.

  • Schedule Requirements The Contractor shall submit an electronic and a paper copy of the initial Work Progress Schedule reflecting accurate and reliable representations of the planned progress of the Work, the Work to date if any, and of the Contractor’s actual plans for its completion. The Contractor shall organize and provide adequate detail so the Work Progress Schedule is capable of measuring and forecasting the effect of delaying events on completed and uncompleted activities.

  • Basic Requirements To be eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection program, all of the following basic requirements must be met, as well as any applicable additional requirements: • The primary address for your PayPal account must be in the United States. • The item must be a physical, tangible good that can be shipped, except for items subject to the Intangible Goods Additional Requirements. Transactions involving items that you deliver in person in connection with payment made in your physical store, may also be eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection program so long as the buyer paid for the transaction in person by using a PayPal goods and services QR code. • You must ship the item to the shipping address on the Transaction Details page in your PayPal account for the transaction. If you originally ship the item to the recipient’s shipping address on the Transaction Details page but the item is later redirected to a different address, you will not be eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection program. We therefore recommend not using a shipping service that is arranged by the buyer, so that you will be able to provide valid proof of shipping and delivery. • The shipping requirement does not apply to eligible transactions involving items that you deliver in person; provided, however, that you agree to provide us with alternative evidence of delivery or such additional documentation or information relating to the transaction that we may request. • You must respond to PayPal’s requests for documentation and other information in a timely manner as requested in our email correspondence with you or in our correspondence with you through the Resolution Center. If you do not respond to PayPal’s request for documentation and other information in the time requested, you may not be eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection program. • If the sale involves pre-ordered or made-to-order goods, you must ship within the timeframe you specified in the listing. Otherwise, it is recommended that you ship all items within 7 days after receipt of payment. • You provide us with valid proof of shipment or delivery. • The payment must be marked “eligible” or “partially eligible” in the case of Unauthorized Transaction claims, or “eligible” in the case of Item Not Received claims, for PayPal’s Seller Protection program on the Transaction Details page. • In the case of an Unauthorized Transaction claim, you must provide valid proof of shipment or proof of delivery that demonstrates that the item was shipped or provided to the buyer no later than two days after PayPal notified you of the dispute or reversal. For example, if PayPal notifies you of an Unauthorized Transaction claim on September 1, the valid proof of shipment must indicate that the item was shipped to the buyer no later than September 3 to be eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection program. PayPal determines, in its sole discretion, whether your claim is eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection program. PayPal will make a decision, in its sole discretion, based on the eligibility requirements, any information or documentation provided during the resolution process, or any other information PayPal deems relevant and appropriate under the circumstances. Item Not Received additional requirements To be eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection program for a buyer’s Item Not Received claim, you must meet both the basic requirements and the additional requirements listed below: • Where a buyer files a chargeback with the issuer for a card-funded transaction, the payment must be marked “eligible” for PayPal’s Seller Protection on the Transaction Details page. • You must provide proof of delivery as described below.

  • Compliance Requirements K. If using volunteers as provided for in this Contract during FY19, which encompasses the Contract term of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, then the Grantee must either:

  • Notice Requirements All notices required or permitted by this Lease shall be in writing and may be delivered in person (by hand or by messenger or courier service) or may be sent by regular, certified or registered mail or U.S. Postal Service Express Mail, with postage prepaid, or by facsimile transmission during normal business hours, and shall be deemed sufficiently given if served in a manner specified in this Paragraph 23. The addresses noted adjacent to a Party's signature on this Lease shall be that Party's address for delivery or mailing of notice purposes. Either Party may by written notice to the other specify a different address for notice purposes, except that upon Lessee's taking possession of the Premises, the Premises shall constitute Lessee's address for the purpose of mailing or delivering notices to Lessee. A copy of all notices required or permitted to be given to Lessor hereunder shall be concurrently transmitted to such party or parties at such addresses as Lessor may from time to time hereafter designate by written notice to Lessee.

  • Compliance with Requirements Any investment program furnished, and any activities performed, by the Manager or by a Sub-Adviser under this Section shall at all times conform to, and be in accordance with, any requirements imposed by: (1) the Act and any rules or regulations in force thereunder; (2) any other applicable laws, rules and regulations; (3) the Declaration of Trust and By-Laws of the Fund as amended from time to time; (4) any policies and determinations of the Board of Trustees of the Fund; and (5) the fundamental policies of the Fund, as reflected in its Registration Statement under the Act or as amended by the shareholders of the Fund.

  • Interface Requirements 9.3.1 BellSouth shall offer LIDB in accordance with the requirements of this subsection.

  • Specific Requirements 7.4.1 Workers’ compensation insurance with statutory limits required by South Dakota law. Coverage B-Employer’s Liability coverage of not less than $500,000 each accident, $500,000 disease-policy limit, and $500,000 disease-each employee.

  • System Requirements Apple Software is supported only on Apple-branded hardware that meets specified system requirements as indicated by Apple.

  • Overtime requirements No contractor or subcontractor contracting for any part of the contract work which may require or involve the employment of laborers or mechanics shall require or permit any such laborer or mechanic in any workweek in which he or she is employed on such work to work in excess of forty hours in such workweek unless such laborer or mechanic receives compensation at a rate not less than one and one-half times the basic rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of forty hours in such workweek.

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