MEMORANDUM OF Sample Clauses

MEMORANDUM OF. UNDERSTANDING REGARDING TRAINER POSITIONS The Washington State Department of Transportation, Ferries Division and the International Organization of Masters, Mates, & Pilots United Inland Group enter into the following Memorandum of Understanding regarding Licensed Deck Officer’s (LDO’s) Trainer positions. Washington State Ferries (WSF) and the International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (MM&P), recognize that LDO’s have acquired and possess specialized skills that are of great value in the operations of WSF. To preserve this knowledge and these skills within WSF and also pass down educationally these attributes to WSF’s maritime employees within WSF’s training program is in the best interest of both parties. In recognition of this accord, both parties recognize WSF may elect to utilize LDO’s in training development/delivery. The selection of LDO’s shall be consistent with Rule 4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The parties mutually agree to amend the Collective Bargaining Agreement as follows:
MEMORANDUM OF. OF ON EMPLOYER BUSINESS The Civil Service has the right to determine which as a condition of employment, required to provide an automobile far purposes of employment functions. Prior beginning of each fiscal year the shall determine, Deputy Heads, which employees or of employees shall eligible to opt for either one of the two existing of Payment. in Employees classes shall have the option of choosing on the first of each. year which method of payment they prefer, straight mileage or monthly allowance plus mileage. An employee who moves into a class of employment fiscal year, which requires provision an automobile by the employee, shalt have thirty days to opt for preferred method of mileage remuneration. An employee who moves out of a class of employment during the fiscal year, a new position where provision of an automobile is no required, shall revert to straight mileage rates on the effective date the job change if has been in of monthly allowance provisions. Commission shall take such matters as follows into consideration when determining eligibility far monthly can travel be made more economically without substantial impairment of efficiency by other means such as rental vehicle, public transportation, etc.; the employee have control over the demand for transportation, for example, in areas of service protection, etc.; the amounts of mileage by an incumbent in this psi in the previous year: incidence of usage. If an employee being required to provide an automobile and has exercised the option of monthly allowance plus there will be no reduction in monthly allowance' if the employee: is on has granted leave with period of thirty or less; has been granted sick leave for a of thirty days or less; on special without pay, provided however, that monthly allowance will be reduced in proportion to the number of days in month which the special leave was granted. An employee as being required to provide an automobile for employment function must have the vehicle available for use at all times. Signed on behalf of the Union: Xxxx President Xxxxxx Bargaining Unit Negotiating Council Signed on behalf of the Employer: Chairman of Management Board 'Xxxxxx Xxx Staff Relations Officer Dated at Halifax, Nova Scotia this day of MEMORANDUM OF CASUAL EMPLOYEES Pursuant to Article which force and effect on February the parties agree that the following provisions shall to apply: For those persons who obtained two or more service of February their date of appointment to the ...
MEMORANDUM OF between Family Service Association Of Toronto and Ontario Public Service Employees Union and its Local The parties agree that the following terms and conditions shall form the Internal Equity Evaluation Plan. All elements of the Internal Equity Plan as attached to this Memorandum of Agreement. The Internal Equity Plan will be a supplement to, and form, part of the Collective Agreement. All Bargaining Unit classification changes will be incorporated into the Collective Agreement. The parties agree to maintain Internal Equity through an ongoing evaluation system as described in the Plan. The parties recognize the separateness of Bargaining Unit and Excluded compensation systems. Accordingly, where an evaluated Bargaining Unit and Excluded score within the same band, the parties agree that the differential between Bargaining Unit and Excluded job rates will be no greater nor less than five percent (5%). Resulting internal equity adjustments will be made as required. The parties recognize that from time to time marketplace salary demands may impinge upon the Internal Equity system. Managers may make application to the to review marketplace data on a specific classification. Where the is supportive of the salary anomaly a Letter of Agreement will be written and the classification and salary rate shall be established. The parties agree that the Letter of Understanding, in the Collective Agreement, referencing Emergericy After hours, Domestic Violence Groups, and Family Life Education Programs, will supersede this Agreement. Notwithstanding this statement, it is recognized that the salary grades evaluated for the current Contract Group Workers are deemed to be a marketplace anomaly and that the applicable rates for these positions fall under salary grade The parties agree that proposed revisions to this Plan shall be based on recommendations from the Job Evaluation Committee and shall not be the subject of Collective Bargaining unless the Committee has first opportunity to consider and review such amendments, prior to notification by either party of the intent to bargain for renewal to the Collective Agreement. Dated at Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, this day of FOR THE UNION: FOR THE ASSOCIATION: APPENDIX Family Service Association of Toronto INTERNAL EQUITY PLAN May I INTRODUCTION The Joint Job Evaluation Committee was originally convened in January The objective of this committee is to develop an Internal Equity Plan to achieve fair and equitable salaries for positions at ...
MEMORANDUM OF. In the event of developments in connection with radio service covering operation of trains which would affect the present working conditions of the matter will be subject of negotiations between the representatives of the employees and the railway. will have the exclusive right to all positions incorporated in the Wage Schedule and any positions subsequently added in accordance with the preamble and/or Article also to any new positions created by the absorption of other lines when vacancies in such positions occur. When newly constructed lines are taken over by the Operating Department, all positions on such lines will be considered vacant and any in line for promotion to them will have fifteen (15) days within which to make application for same.
MEMORANDUM OF. For the fiscal year in the event that revenue sources outlined in on Page of the Budget exceed the projections included in the Estimates with respect to these revenue sources, the of days off without pay the reduction in employer contributions to pension plans which could have been implemented in will be reduced by a proportionate amount. The positive adjustment, if any, in the total compensation reduction shall first be applied to the Employer's pension contributions. If the adjustment exceeds the required to offset the reduced pension contributions the excess shall be applied to a reduction in the maximum number of days off without pay agreed to for the fiscal year. Further, if Government agrees to an extension or improvement in benefits for any or all injured workers, then these extended or improved benefits shall apply equally to members of the bargaining units covered by the Coalition. In the event that signs a collective agreement, which has not been subject to interest arbitration, with a Bargaining Agent other than NAPE or that provides for a compensation reduction in or fiscal years, or school years in the case of teachers, which is less than the compensation reduction agreed to by the for or or provides for a wage rate increase in or the or compensation adjustment for the Coalition be decreased or increased as the case be, subject to:
MEMORANDUM OF. Understanding between IFREMER and UVIC A Memorandum of Understanding, signed on is running between IFREMER and University of Victoria (UVIC) on 30 May 2007. In the frame of this agreement, one engineer of IFREMER worked at UVIC from September 2007 to June 2008 in order to prepare the deployment of instruments, plugged on a “Secondary Junction box” of Neptune Canada project. In a first step two set of instruments are considered:
MEMORANDUM OF. Memorandum of Coverage" shall mean the coverage limits Coverage and deductibles as outlined in the Appendix and subsequent amendments thereto.
MEMORANDUM OF. Fund The Company and Union agree that:
MEMORANDUM OF. In the event that the Ontario Provincial Minimum Wage, as per the Employment Standards Act, is rescinded or frozen, the Employer agrees to renegotiate wages. If the parties fail to to an agreement, the parties agree to refer the matter to Arbitration. Memorandum Of Agreement-Benefit Plan The Company and the Union agree to enter into discussions in order to select an insurance plan that is voluntary to employees, with no cost to the Company Memorandum of Agreement Social Justice Fund The Company agrees to pay the Social Justice Fund. Three Hundred