Selection of Sample Clauses

Selection of applicants for referral to jobs shall be on a non-discriminatory basis and shall not be based on or in any way affected by Union membership, bylaws, rules, regula- tions, constitutional provisions, or any other aspect or obliga- tion of Union membership, policies, or requirements.
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Selection of a plan with a lower premium cost to the District than the Oak Plan will not result in any payment or reimbursement back to the faculty.
Selection of. Apprentices under the program shall permit equality of opportunity and be made from qualified applicants on the basis of qualifications alone, without regard to race, creed, gender, color and national origin.
Selection of a pool of mentors shall be by a Committee, of whom the majority will be appointed by the WPACT.
Selection of. UNDERWRITERS For any Underwritten Offering, the investment banker or investment bankers and manager or managers for any Underwritten Offering that will administer such offering will be selected by the Holders of a majority in aggregate principal amount of the Transfer Restricted Securities included in such offering; provided, that such investment bankers and managers must be reasonably satisfactory to the Company. Such investment bankers and managers are referred to herein as the "underwriters." Neither the Company nor any Guarantor shall be liable for the payment of any underwriting fee or commission in connection with any Underwritten Offering. 12. MISCELLANEOUS (a)
Selection of. The two nominees to the Arbitration Board shall select a Chairperson within ten working days of the appointment of the latter of them. If the nominees fail to agree within the specified period, either party may request in writing, with a copy to the other party, that the appointment be made by the Office of Arbitration, Ministry of Labour, for the Province of Ontario. of a Notwithstanding the previous provisions governing the establishment of a three-person Arbitration the parties may, by mutual agreement, refer the grievance for by a single arbitrator.
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Selection of. (a) At any time during the period commencing on the Effective Date and ending on the second anniversary of the Effective Date (such period, the “Expansion Option Period”), BMS may, in its sole discretion, nominate one additional Oncology Related Target for the purpose of creating one or more additional Programs (and corresponding Product Forms) (such Target, a “Nominated Expansion Target”) by providing written notice to ATI which notice shall contain a reasonably detailed description of the Nominated Expansion Target.
Selection of. (a) BMS shall have the right, at any time prior to the expiration of the Expansion Option Period, and regardless of whether a Nominated Expansion Target has been designated as a Collaboration Target pursuant to Section 2.4(c), to create one (1) additional Program (and corresponding Product Form) (such Program, the “Supplemental Program”), subject to payment by BMS of (i) a Supplemental Program milestone fee(s) of [**] U.S. Dollars ($[**]) within ten (10) calendar days subsequent to such event and (ii) any additional funding obligations of BMS with respect to such Supplemental Program as described in Section 9.2, by giving written notice to ATI to such effect. Strategic Alliance and Collaboration Agreement
Selection of. CARRIER: The insurance carriers currently utilized by the district and the insurance policies currently in effect shall be retained throughout the duration of the current policies or until they are terminated. Thereafter, the insurance committee shall explore insurance options and the employees shall be proportionally represented on that committee and shall participate in the selection of the insurance carriers and policies.
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