Previous Agreement definition

Previous Agreement has the meaning assigned to such term in the Recitals.
Previous Agreement means the Canada-Alberta Environmental Occurrences Notification Agreement signed by the Minister of the Environment for Canada on December 3, 2010, by the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans for Canada on December 21, 2010 and by the Minister of the Environment for Alberta on January 6, 2011, which came into force on March 25, 2011 and expires on March 24, 2016.
Previous Agreement means the Agreement on Social Security between the Government of Australia and the Government of Malta signed on 15 August 1990;

Examples of Previous Agreement in a sentence

  • In particular, the Executive agrees that from and after the Effective Date, the Previous Agreement is of no force and effect and the Executive covenants that no further amounts are payable thereunder.

  • Teachers employed immediately prior to the making of this Agreement will be deemed to be classified under this Agreement at a level not less than that which applied under the Previous Agreement and will be deemed to have years of service as at the making of this Agreement calculated in accordance with the provisions of the Previous Agreement.

  • Since the lapse of the Previous Agreement, Mr Lim and Mdm Leong had undertaken and procured the restructuring of the Target Company to ensure that the sale of any shares in the Target Company to the Company will be compliant with Philippines laws.

  • Subsequent to the date of the Previous Agreement, the Company located a new purchaser for the Sale Share and the Sale Loan with more attractive terms, and on 30th September, 2011, the parties to the Previous Agreement entered into a termination agreement to terminate the Previous Agreement with effect from the date of the termination agreement.

More Definitions of Previous Agreement

Previous Agreement has the meaning given in the recitals of this Agreement.
Previous Agreement means the Reciprocal Agreement on Social Security between the Government of Canada and the Government of Australia signed on the fourth day of July 1988, as amended by a Protocol signed on the eleventh day of October 1990;
Previous Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Previous Agreement means the NSW Catholic Independent Schools (Teachers) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2015-2016.
Previous Agreement is defined in GC Section 2.6.4;
Previous Agreement. Means the Facilities and Services Agreement between the parties dated 31 July 2014;