Public Service Sample Clauses

Public Service. Full-time faculty members may be granted leaves for public service. Written request for such leaves shall be made no later than one (1) month prior to date such leave would take effect. Public service leaves shall be for one (1) or two (2) semesters and are limited to:
Public Service. A leave of absence without pay not to exceed one (1) year shall be granted to any teacher for the purpose of serving any city, county, state, or national elected public office provided such leave shall be in units of not less than one (1) year. Upon proper reapplication, such leave shall be renewed each year for the number of renewals necessary to allow the teacher to be granted such leave for the duration of the term of the public office as described herein.
Public Service. A full-time faculty member who is elected or appointed to a full-time public office which requires his/her absence from duty with the College for an extended period of time shall be granted a political leave of absence without pay for the duration of such public service.
Public Service. Leaves without pay may be granted to serve in elected public office. Leaves shall be granted for the length of the term of office.
Public Service. Leaves of absence without pay to serve as a Minnesota State Legislator or as a full time elective officer in a City or County of Minnesota are granted pursuant to applicable State Statue.
Public Service. Leaves shall be granted to serve in public office in accordance with Indiana Code 20-6.1-6-14.
Public Service. A leave of absence of no more than one (1) year may be granted for the purpose of campaigning for or serving in a public office.