RECOGNITION OF. PharMerica recognizes that the Ceres Parties use * products as part of the information technology environment at the Facilities, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to assure that the EMMS is compatible with such environment.
RECOGNITION OF. The Hospital recognizes the Union as the sole bargaining agent for all employees of the Hospital Metropolitan Toronto, regularly employed for not more than hours per week and students employed during school vacation periods save and except professional medical staff, graduate and undergraduate nursing staff, graduate and undergraduate pharmacists, graduate and undergraduate dietitians, technical personnel, supervisors and forepersons, persons above the rank of supervisor or foreperson, chief engineers, office and clerical staff and employees in bargaining units for whom any trade union held bargaining rights, as of May, It is hereby agreed that the term as used in paragraph above includes graduate and undergraduate: audiologist, occupational, psychiatric and psychologists, psychometrists, computer programmers, biomedical certified and certified dental assistants, photography technicians and artists, medical illustrators, registered, and student: laboratory technicians, X-ray technicians, respiratory technicians, electrocardiogram technicians, electroencephalogram technicians, pulmonary technicians, nuclear medicine technicians, ophthalmic technicians, laboratory assistants, electroshock therapists, pathological and cardiological technicians, medical laboratory technologists, recreation counsellors and recreation workers. It is also understood that the term staff" above includes The word or wherever used this Agreement shall mean only the employees the bargaining unit defined above, unless the context otherwise provides.
RECOGNITION OF. The Commission recognizes the Union as sole collective bargaining agency for all employees of the Commission, save and except Supervisors, foremen, persons above the rank of Supervisor or foremen, office and payroll personnel.


  • RECOGNITION 1. For the purposes of the fulfillment, in whole or in part, of its standards or criteria for the authorization, licensing or certification of services suppliers, and subject to the requirements of paragraph 3, a Party may recognize the education or experience obtained, requirements met, or licences or certifications granted in the other Party or a non-Party. Such recognition, which may be achieved through harmonization or otherwise, may be based upon an agreement or arrangement with the other Party or a non-Party concerned or may be accorded autonomously. 2. A Party that is a party to an agreement or arrangement of the type referred to in paragraph 1, whether existing or future, shall afford adequate opportunity for the other Party, if the other Party is interested, to negotiate its accession to such an agreement or arrangement or to negotiate comparable ones with it. Where a Party accords recognition autonomously, it shall afford adequate opportunity for the other Party to demonstrate that education, experience, licences or certifications obtained or requirements met in that other Party's territory should be recognized. 3. A Party shall not accord recognition in a manner which would constitute a means of discrimination between countries in the application of its standards or criteria for the authorization, licensing or certification of services suppliers, or a disguised restriction on trade in services. 4. Each Party should encourage the relevant bodies in its respective territory to conduct future negotiations for developing mutually acceptable standards and criteria for licensing, temporary licensing and certification of professional services suppliers.

  • RECOGNITION OUTCOMES The receiving institution commits to provide the sending institution and the student with a Transcript of Records within a period stipulated in the inter-institutional agreement and normally not longer than five weeks after publication/proclamation of the student’s results at the receiving institution. The Transcript of Records from the receiving institution will contain at least the minimum information requested in this Learning Agreement template. Table E (or the representation that the institution makes of it) will include all the educational components agreed in table A and, if there were changes to the study programme abroad, in table C. In addition, grade distribution information should be included in the Transcript of Records or attached to it (a web link where this information can be found is enough). The actual start and end dates of the study period will be included according to the following definitions: The start date of the study period is the first day the student has been present at the receiving institution, for example, for the first course, for a welcoming event organised by the host institution or for language and intercultural courses. The end date of the study period is the last day the student has been present at the receiving institution and not his actual date of departure. This is, for example, the end of exams period, courses or mandatory sitting period. Following the receipt of the Transcript of Records from the receiving institution, the sending institution commits to provide to the student a Transcript of Records, without further requirements from the student, and normally within five weeks. The sending institution's Transcript of Records must include at least the information listed in table F (the recognition outcomes) and attach the receiving institution's Transcript of Record. In case of mobility windows, table F may be completed as follows: Component code (if any) Title of recognised component (as indicated in the course catalogue) at the sending institution Number of ECTS credits Sending institution grade, if applicable Mobility window Total: 30 ….. Where applicable, the sending institution will translate the grades received by the student abroad, taking into account the grade distribution information from the receiving institution (see the methodology described in the ECTS Users' Guide). In addition, all the educational components will appear as well in the student's Diploma Supplement. The exact titles from the receiving institution will also be included in the Transcript of Records that is attached to the Diploma Supplement. Steps to fill in the Learning Agreement for Studies P Additional educational components above the number of ECTS credits required in his/her curriculum are listed in the LA and if the sending institution will not recognise them as counting towards their degree, this has to be agreed by all parties concerned and annexed to the LA

  • RECOGNITION OF THE UNION 1. The BCPSEA recognizes the BCTF as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for the negotiation and administration of all terms and conditions of employment of all employees within the bargaining unit for which the BCTF is established as the bargaining agent pursuant to PELRA and subject to the provisions of this Collective Agreement.

  • RECOGNITION OF UNION Clause 2.01 The Employer hereby recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining agency for all employees of Greater Sudbury Hydro Plus Incorporated in respect of hours of work, wages and working conditions save and except non-union supervisors, persons above the rank of non-union supervisor, and staff employed in a confidential capacity in matters relating to Labour Relations. Clause 2.02 That the Employer agrees to recognize the duly appointed officials of the employees as the Official Committee(s) of the Union pertaining to the question of wages, hours of work and working conditions. Clause 2.03 The Union shall have the right to have the assistance of representatives of the Canadian Union of Public Employees when dealing with the Employer, or their duly appointed designates. Clause 2.04 Persons whose jobs are not in the Bargaining Unit shall not work on any jobs which are included in the Bargaining Unit to the extent that this would eliminate positions. Clause 2.05 There shall be no Union activity of any kind on the Employer's time other than that provided for in this Agreement or that specifically authorized by the Employer. Clause 2.06 No person shall be required as a condition of employment to become or remain a member of any Union or other organization. Clause 2.07 The Employer shall, for direct collective bargaining prior to Conciliation, pay the normal wages and benefits for maximum of three (3) employees who are members of the Union Negotiating Committee for a total of one hundred and twenty (120) hours and thereafter pay fifty percent (50%) of normal wages and full benefits.

  • Recognition of Stewards The Employer recognizes employees who are designated by the Union as stewards to act on behalf of the employees.

  • RECOGNITION AND COVERAGE 2:01 The Employer recognizes the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3261, as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for all employees of the Employer, save and except forepersons, persons above the rank of foreperson, faculty, office and clerical staff, persons employed on a casual basis for not more than twenty-four (24) hours per week, students employed during the school vacation period, and persons for whom any other trade union holds bargaining rights as of December 21, 1987.

  • Recognition and Negotiations 2.1 OC or anyone authorized to act on its behalf recognizes the Union as the sole collective bargaining agency for its employees classified and covered by this Agreement and hereby consents and agrees to negotiate with the Union, or anyone authorized to act on behalf of the Union, in any and all matters covered by this Agreement affecting the relationship between the parties to this Agreement looking forward to a peaceful and amicable settlement of any differences that may arise between them.

  • RECOGNITION AND MEMBERSHIP A. The Medical Center recognizes Association as the collective bargaining representative with respect to rates of pay, hours of pay, hours of work and other conditions of employment for a bargaining unit composed of all registered professional nurses employed by the Medical Center as staff nurses, and charge nurses, excluding Sisters of Providence, administrative and supervisory personnel, temporary nurses, and registered professional nurses employed in the following departments and areas: Admissions, Physical Therapy, EEG, Anesthetists, EKG, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy (other than the IV Nurses), Occupational Therapy, Nursing Education, Dietary, Medical Records, Personnel and Housekeeping and Industrial Nurses.

  • SCOPE AND RECOGNITION 2.01 The employer being the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxxx District School Board, (hereinafter referred to as “The Board”) recognizes the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (hereinafter referred to as “the Federation”) as the bargaining agent for all Occasional Teachers employed by the Board in its elementary panel.

  • RECOGNITION CLAUSE Par. 1. The Union claims and the Employer acknowledges and agrees that the Union has supplied proof that a majority of its Elevator Constructor Mechanics, Elevator Constructor Helpers and Elevator Constructor Apprentices have authorized the Union to represent them in collective bargaining with the Employer. The Employer recognizes the Union as the exclusive Section 9(a) bargaining representative for all Elevator Constructor Mechanics, Elevator Constructor Helpers, Elevator Constructor Apprentices and Elevator Constructor Assistant Mechanics (hereinafter referred to sometimes as "Mechanics, Helpers, Apprentices and Assistant Mechanics " or collectively as “Elevator Constructor(s)”) in the employ of the Employers engaged in the installation, repair, modernization, maintenance and servicing of all equipment referred to in Article IV, Par. 2 and Article IV (A).