RECOGNITION OF. PharMerica recognizes that the Ceres Parties use * products as part of the information technology environment at the Facilities, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to assure that the EMMS is compatible with such environment.
RECOGNITION OF. The Hospital recognizes the Union as the sole bargaining agent for all employees of the Hospital Metropolitan Toronto, regularly employed for not more than hours per week and students employed during school vacation periods save and except professional medical staff, graduate and undergraduate nursing staff, graduate and undergraduate pharmacists, graduate and undergraduate dietitians, technical personnel, supervisors and forepersons, persons above the rank of supervisor or foreperson, chief engineers, office and clerical staff and employees in bargaining units for whom any trade union held bargaining rights, as of May, It is hereby agreed that the term as used in paragraph above includes graduate and undergraduate: audiologist, occupational, psychiatric and psychologists, psychometrists, computer programmers, biomedical certified and certified dental assistants, photography technicians and artists, medical illustrators, registered, and student: laboratory technicians, X-ray technicians, respiratory technicians, electrocardiogram technicians, electroencephalogram technicians, pulmonary technicians, nuclear medicine technicians, ophthalmic technicians, laboratory assistants, electroshock therapists, pathological and cardiological technicians, medical laboratory technologists, recreation counsellors and recreation workers. It is also understood that the term staff" above includes The word or wherever used this Agreement shall mean only the employees the bargaining unit defined above, unless the context otherwise provides.


  • RECOGNITION 1. For the purposes of the fulfillment, in whole or in part, of its standards or criteria for the authorization, licensing or certification of services suppliers, and subject to the requirements of paragraph 3, a Party may recognize the education or experience obtained, requirements met, or licences or certifications granted in the other Party or a non-Party. Such recognition, which may be achieved through harmonization or otherwise, may be based upon an agreement or arrangement with the other Party or a non-Party concerned or may be accorded autonomously. 2. A Party that is a party to an agreement or arrangement of the type referred to in paragraph 1, whether existing or future, shall afford adequate opportunity for the other Party, if the other Party is interested, to negotiate its accession to such an agreement or arrangement or to negotiate comparable ones with it. Where a Party accords recognition autonomously, it shall afford adequate opportunity for the other Party to demonstrate that education, experience, licences or certifications obtained or requirements met in that other Party's territory should be recognized. 3. A Party shall not accord recognition in a manner which would constitute a means of discrimination between countries in the application of its standards or criteria for the authorization, licensing or certification of services suppliers, or a disguised restriction on trade in services. 4. Each Party should encourage the relevant bodies in its respective territory to conduct future negotiations for developing mutually acceptable standards and criteria for licensing, temporary licensing and certification of professional services suppliers.

  • RECOGNITION OF THE UNION 1. The BCPSEA recognizes the BCTF as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for the negotiation and administration of all terms and conditions of employment of all employees within the bargaining unit for which the BCTF is established as the bargaining agent pursuant to PELRA and subject to the provisions of this Collective Agreement.

  • Recognition and Negotiations 2.1 OC or anyone authorized to act on its behalf recognizes the Union as the sole collective bargaining agency for its employees classified and covered by this Agreement and hereby consents and agrees to negotiate with the Union, or anyone authorized to act on behalf of the Union, in any and all matters covered by this Agreement affecting the relationship between the parties to this Agreement looking forward to a peaceful and amicable settlement of any differences that may arise between them.

  • Recognition and Membership A. The Medical Center recognizes Association as the collective bargaining representative with respect to rates of pay, hours of pay, hours of work and other conditions of employment for a bargaining unit composed of all registered professional nurses employed by the Medical Center as staff nurses, and charge nurses, excluding Sisters of Providence, administrative and supervisory personnel, temporary nurses, and registered professional nurses employed in the following departments and areas: Admissions, Physical Therapy, EEG, Anesthetists, EKG, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy (other than the IV Nurses), Occupational Therapy, Nursing Education, Dietary, Medical Records, Personnel and Housekeeping and Industrial Nurses.

  • SCOPE AND RECOGNITION See the Local Provisions Appendix L2.

  • RECOGNITION AND SCOPE 1.01 The Company agrees to recognize the Union as the sole collective bargaining agent for employees covered by this Agreement.