Purposes of Sample Clauses

Purposes of processing The personal data is processed for the purposes of providing the Services in accordance with this Services Agreement. Description of the technical and organizational security measures implemented by the data importer in accordance with Clauses 4(d) and 5(c):
Purposes of. ARTICLE To enable the Bank to fulfill the functions with which it is entrusted, the status, immunities and privileges set forth in this Article shall be accorded to the Bank in the territories of each member.
Purposes of. Red River College and the Manitoba Government and General Employees’ Union agree that the following lists identify those Programs, that aye in Category A and those Programs that are in Category B for purposes of administering Article e) of the collective agreement: A Aboriginal Self-Government Administration Advanced Network Technology American Sign InterpretationJoint Animal Health Technology Applied Biology Joint Applied Chemistry Joint Applied Environmental Studies Joint Aviation Management Business Administration Business Administration Integrated Business Teacher Education Accelerated Chemical and Biosciences Technology Child Youth Care Civil Technician Sales Marketing Communication Engineering Technology Accounting Technician Computer Computer Engineering Technology Creative Communications Deaf Studies Dental Design ConstructionTechnology Digital Technology Disabilityand CommunitySupport Early Childhood Education Electrical Engineering Technology Electronic EngineeringTechnology Environmental ProtectionTechnology Geographic InformationSystems Health Information Technolog Hotel Restaurant Information Systems Technology Engineering Technology International Business Joint Baccalaureate Nursing Library InformationTechnology Resonance Imaging Spectroscopy Mechanical EngineeringTechnology Medical Laboratory Sciences Medical RadiologicalTechnology MunicipalTechnology Nursing Diploma Power En Radiation y Related Subjects Communications Structural Technology Teacher Education Business, IndustrialArts, Vocational -Joint Teacher Education Certificate in Adult Education Technical Communication Technology Management Tourism a3 B Aboriginal Language Specialist Academic Development Programs Advanced Welding Aerospace ManufacturingTechnician Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Aircraft Structural Repair Technician Apprenticeship Automotive Service Education Program (Apprenticeship) Automotive Technician -Certificate, Co-op, Diploma, Work Experience Building Design CAD Technology Carpentry Woodworking College Preparation for Aboriginal Students College Preparationfor Nursing Collision Refinishing Collision Repair Refinishing Culinary Arts Electrical Electronic Network Technician English as Second Language Gas Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Graphic Design Graphic Design -Advanced Diploma General Studies (core course only) Greenspace Management Health Care Aide Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic Integrated ACCESS Program Integrated Science and Technology ACCESS Conditioning
Purposes of processing Easygenerator undertakes, subject to the conditions of the Agreement and this DPA, to process personal data on the instructions of Customer. The personal data will only be processed within the framework of the Agreement and according to this DPA for the purposes of creating and providing an e-Learning platform as determined in the Agreement. The personal data that are or will be processed by Easygenerator in connection with the Agreement, and the categories of data subjects from which they derive, are stated in “DPA Appendix 1: Specification of personal data and data subjects”. Easygenerator shall not process the personal data for any purpose other than that determined by Customer. Customer shall inform Easygenerator of the purposes of the data processing insofar as these are not already stated in this DPA. Easygenerator has no control over the purpose of and means for the processing of personal data. Easygenerator takes no decisions about the receipt and the use of the personal data, the provision to third parties and the duration of the storage of personal data while processing the personal data in accordance with DPA.
Purposes of. Article To enable the Corporation to fulfil the functions with which it is entrusted, the status, immunities and privileges set forth in this Article shall be accorded to the Corporation in the territories of each member. SECTION 2. Status of the Corporation The Corporation shall possess full juridical personality and, in particular, the capacity: (i) to contract; (ii) to acquire and dispose of immovable and movable property; (iii) to institute legal proceedings. SECTION 3. Position of the Corporation with Regard to Judicial Process Actions may be brought against the Corporation only in a court of competent jurisdiction in the territories of a member in which the Corporation has an office, has appointed an agent for the purpose of accepting service or notice of process, or has issued or guaranteed securities. No actions shall, however, be brought by members 52 CAP. 235. h MEMBERSHIP OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL ORGANISATIONS or persons acting for or deriving claims from members. The property and assets of the Corporation shall, wheresoever located and by whomsoever held, be immune from all forms of seizure, attachment or execution before the delivery of final judgment against the Corporation. SECTION 4. Immunity of Assets from Seizure Property and assets of the Corporation, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation or any other form of seizure by executive or legislative action. SECTION 5. Immunity of Archives The archives of the Corporation shall be inviolable. SECTION 6. Freedom of Assets from Restrictions To the extent necessary to carry out the operations provided for in this Agreement and subject to the provisions of Article III, Section 5, and the other provisions of this Agreement, all property and assets of the Corporation shall be free from restrictions, regulations, controls and moratoria of any nature. SECTION 7.
Purposes of processing of personal data. As a result of the contract you have entered into with us when subscribing to the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services, we will use the personal data for: ▪ providing you with the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services; ▪ managing your subscription to the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services and your subscription account; ▪ enabling you to use the communication and messaging services; ▪ granting you remote vehicle controls; ▪ making vehicle notifications such as maintenance alerts, integrated security and safety features ▪ provide you with customer assistance in case of issues and claims with regards to NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services. In addition, for our legitimate interest to improve the services and products we offer you, we also process your personal data for the following purposes: ▪ provision of information relating to our products and services and about terms and offerings in connection with the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services; ▪ answering your questions and addressing your complaints; ▪ evaluation and statistical purposes, market research and for other research and development purposes; ▪ to detect or prevent the abuse of the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services by you, any other occupant of the Vehicle or any other third parties; ▪ to ensure security of the infrastructure of the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services. Subject to your prior express consent, we will process the personal data collected when using the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services for the following purposes: ▪ sending you promotional email, mail, telephone or other electronic communications; ▪ sending information relating to special discounts or added services or functions; ▪ enhancing and personalising the communication between you, us and the Nissan/Infiniti dealership; ▪ customise the NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services for individual subscribers or groups of subscribers; ▪ planning a trip as per your request; ▪ to the extent necessary to provide NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services that are based on the location of the Vehicle and which are not defined above We may also process the personal data collected when using the Vehicle and notably NissanConnect/InfinitiConnect Services, in order to fulfil our Legal obligations, for the following purposes: ▪ eCall if applicable (automatic emergency dial-in in the event of a serious road accident, with processing of information such as location)
Purposes of processing XXXX intends to use your Personal Data, collected through the Website, for the following purposes:
Purposes of. Continuous Service: No employee shall be deemed to have ceased to be continually employed by reason only of being absent from work on statutory holidays, on parts of regular working days, or on any leave duly authorized under the provisions of this Agreement or because of any layoff lasting not more than calendar days, or because of absence due to an industrial accident under the terms of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act and the predecessor Worker's Compensation Act of Ontario and consistent with the terms of this Agreement. "Standard Hours of Work" shall be interchangeable with "Hours of Work". In relation to "working hours"; "working days"; "work day"; "work week", the word "Standard" shall be interchangeable with "Normal". In relation to rate of pay the word "normal" shall be interchangeable with the word "regular". APPENDIX
Purposes of declaration as an Owhakatihi The Settlement Legislation will provide that, without limiting clauses 5.7.16 to 5.7.18, the declaration of an area as an Owhakatihi under clause 5.7.1 and the acknowledgement of Ngati Tuwharetoa Values in respect of the area in clause

Related to Purposes of

  • Purposes The Company was formed for the object and purpose of, and the nature of the business to be conducted by the Company is, engaging in any lawful act or activity for which limited liability companies may be formed under the Act.

  • For purposes of Treas Reg. Section 1.671- 5(f)(1)(iv)(A)(2), the date of the last deposit under 2.01(b) prior to the expiration of the initial offering period, as certified to the Trustee by the Depositor, shall be considered the 'start-up date' of the Trust.

  • Purposes of Trust (a) The exclusive purposes and functions of the Trust are to (i) issue and sell Trust Securities and use the proceeds from such sale to acquire the Notes and (ii) engage in only those activities necessary or incidental thereto. The Delaware Trustee, the Property Trustee and the Administrative Trustees are trustees of the Trust, and have all the rights, powers and duties to the extent set forth herein. The Trustees hereby acknowledge that they are trustees of the Trust.

  • Purposes of Meetings A meeting of Securityholders may be called at any time and from time to time pursuant to the provisions of this Article VIII for any of the following purposes:

  • For purposes of Sections 1.1 and 1.4, the Company shall be the designee of the Fund for receipt of purchase and redemption orders from the Account, and receipt by such designee shall constitute receipt by the Fund; provided that the Company receives the order by 4:00 p.m. Baltimore time and the Fund receives notice of such order by 9:30 a.m. Baltimore time on the next following Business Day. "Business Day" shall mean any day on which the New York Stock Exchange is open for trading and on which the Fund calculates its net asset value pursuant to the rules of the SEC.

  • Clarification If the total solution proposed under this CLIN includes travel, then the travel should be shown as part of the CLIN 3001 solution and included under CLIN 3001 at time of award. Special Contract Requirements paragraph H047, Travel (FEB 2003) pertains to travel related to cost or labor hour CLIN's only. Qty Unit Price ITEM SUPPLIES OR SERVICES Purch Unit Total Item Amount 3002 Noun: NETWORK CENTRIC SOLUTIONS Contract type: S - COST Start Date: 10 SEP 2010 Completion Date: 09 DEC 2010 Descriptive Data: NOTE: Option 3 Ordering under this CLIN is available between 10 Sep 2010 through 9 Dec 2010

  • Distribution of UDP and TCP queries DNS probes will send UDP or TCP “DNS test” approximating the distribution of these queries.

  • Redistribution of payments The Agent shall treat the Sharing Payment as if it had been paid by the relevant Obligor and distribute it between the Finance Parties (other than the Recovering Finance Party) in accordance with Clause 29.5 (Partial payments).

  • Purpose The Company is formed for the object and purpose of, and the nature of the business to be conducted and promoted by the Company is, engaging in any lawful act or activity for which limited liability companies may be formed under the Act.

  • Limitation on Allocation of Net Loss To the extent any allocation of Net Loss would cause or increase an Adjusted Capital Account Deficit as to any Holder, such allocation of Net Loss shall be reallocated among the other Holders in accordance with their respective Percentage Interests in Common-Equivalent Units subject to the limitations of this Section 6.3.A(vi).