Table 2 Sample Clauses

Table 2. Software Subscription Use Case OpenShift Enterprise OpenShift Enterprise Broker Infrastructure OpenShift Enterprise is intended to be used as a platform as a service and will be supported only when used in that capacity. OpenShift Enterprise is not supported on non-server hardware such as desktops or workstations. OpenShift Enterprise is intended for use on a dedicated Physical Node or Virtual Guest; running other applications and/or programs of any type on the Physical Node or Virtual Guest can have a negative impact on the function and/or performance. Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for OpenShift and/or Red Hat JBoss EAP for xPaaS will be supported in accordance with the terms of Exhibit 1.B.
Table 2. Determinations Determination Concerning Determiner Bereavement Leave Coordinator Parental Leave (all) Coordinator Sick Leave Coordinator
Table 2. 7 Subjects Not Resolved by the Settlement 8 Term of License. The Parties may submit comments in response to FERC’s request for comments on the Settlement explaining their views regarding this subject.
Table 2. 4.4.4-3 End-to-End Average Availability SLA Credits............. 6
Table 2. Article 13 / 1 / The USER undertakes to notify ACCORD MUSIC NET LTD in case of change of address, the address of each of its sites, listed in Table 2, as well as any other changes that have occurred and are reflected in this contract. / 2 / The notification must be made in writing within 5 /five/ days before the change takes effect.
Table 2. Arrangement of a QI table In this example, 6 QI classes will be assumed. Table 3 shows how the user decided to assign these classes depending on the temporal and spatial ones. Spatial Noise Class
Table 2. KPI coverage score calculations for the fictive example of Figure 10 Nb of KPIs assessed Nb of KPIs available KPI coverage score CITYkeys (whole project framework) 11 101 11% Main themes: People 3 27 11% Planet 2 25 8% Prosperity 3 18 17% Governance 2 13 15% Propagation 1 18 6%