NAME OF ENTITY Sample Clauses

NAME OF ENTITY. The name of the limited liability company shall be Us Lifting Us Economic Development Cooperative, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Cooperative”).
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NAME OF ENTITY. The name of the joint municipal utility authority formed under this Agreement is the Discovery Clean Water Alliance (the “Alliance”).
NAME OF ENTITY b. Form of entity: --------------------------------------------------- (partnership, corporation, trust, etc.)
NAME OF ENTITY. The name of the entity created herewith shall be Enduris. The signatories hereto, together with future signatories, establish a risk pool as authorized by Chapter
NAME OF ENTITY. ĐKKD/GPĐT/QĐ thành lập Business registration/ Investment/establishment license Số: ....................... No. Ngày cấp: ..../..../........ Date of issue Nơi cấp: ......................
NAME OF ENTITY. ADC CABLES (PTY) LTD (IN BUSINESS RESCUE) (as represented by the duly appointed Business Rescue Practitioner being Aviwe Ndyamara) Physical address X/x Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxxx , Xxxxx Views, Menlo Park E-mail address xxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx Telephone number 000 000 0000 Contact person Aviwe Ndyamara


  • Legal Name Enter the legal name of the U.S. nonprofit organization or government entity applying for indemnity as it appears in the current IRS 501(c)(3) status letter or in the official document that identifies the organization as a unit of state or local government, or as a federally recognized tribal community or tribe. If an exhibition is being shown at several venues, one organization should apply on behalf of all participants. The Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities requires that the applicant must have previously organized at least one museum-caliber exhibition containing objects borrowed from one or more public and/or private collections.

  • Name of Company The name of the Company shall be as set forth in the Certificate.

  • Name of Xxxxx(s) 2. The named person's role in the firm, and

  • Name; Address Unless you have promptly notified the Manager In Writing otherwise, your name as it should appear in the Registration Statement, Prospectus or Offering Circular and any advertisement, if different, and your address, are as set forth on the signature pages hereof.

  • Name of the Company The name of the Company shall be “MARSTE, LLC”. The Company may do business under that name and under any other name or names upon which the Manager may, in such Manager’s sole discretion, determine. If the Company does business under a name other than that set forth in its Articles of Organization, then the Company shall file a fictitious name registration as required by law.

  • Name of Partnership The name of the Partnership shall be Xxxxxxx Investment Partnership, L.P. or such other name as the General Partner may from time to time designate.

  • Jurisdiction of Organization During the term of the Receivables, CNHICA will maintain its “location” (as defined in Section 9-307 of the UCC) in one of the States.

  • Name; Formation The name of the Company shall be ARAMARK Campus, LLC or such other name as the Member may from time to time hereafter designate. The Company constitutes a continuation of the existence of the Converted Corporation in the form of a Delaware limited liability company. In accordance with Section 18-214(b) of the Act, the Certificate of Conversion (converting the Converted Corporation to the Company) and the Certificate of Formation of the Company have been duly executed by a Member or other person designated by a Member or by any officer, agent or employee of the registered agent of the Company in the State of Delaware (any such person being an authorized person to take such action) and filed in the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware. As provided in Section 18-214(d) of the Act, the existence of the Company is deemed to have commenced on February 28, 1966, the date the Converted Corporation was originally organized under the laws of the State of Delaware.

  • Formation; Name Purposes 1 1.1 Delaware Limited Liability Company 1 1.2 Name 1 1.3 Place of Business 2

  • Company Name The Members may change the name of the Company or operate under different names, provided a majority of the Members agree and the name complies with Section 00-00-000 of the Act.