In view of definition

In view of means “taking into account” or “considering”. Examples:

Examples of In view of in a sentence

  • In view of Justice Shah Commission report (2013), the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has entrusted the work to CSIR-NEERI to conduct a Carrying Capacity Study with an objective to develop (i) a sustainable development plan for mining activities in the impact area of about 1000

  • In view of the above, the Court considers that the Greek authorities were in principle justified in taking some measures to protect the lower ranking airmen from improper pressure applied to them by the applicants in their desire to promulgate their religious beliefs.

  • In view of the above, the amortisation of intangible and legal assets is included in the following items:• selling costs in the amount of 1,764 thousand PLN (year 2013: 1,372 thousand PLN ),• general administrative costs in the amount of 4,116 thousand PLN (year 2013: 3,444 thousand PLN).

  • In view of the above and to avail various benefits of dematerialisation, members are advised to dematerialize shares held by them in physical form.

  • In view of the foregoing discussion we find it fit to remand the matter to the High Court for consideration afresh in accordance with law.

  • In view of this decision, the ‘Adjudicating Authority’/ National Company Law Tribunal, Chennai Bench, shall proceed in accordance with Law.

  • In view of the large network build programme under way, Enable has created a specialised procurement team to maximise the efficiency of purchases.

  • In view of these circumstances, I believe it is not unnecessary to re-examine the steps taken by theorists in early thirties, entering into a thorough examination of ideas, facts and formalism.

  • In view of the above, the judgement rendered by both the Courts below was set aside and the plaintiff’s suit for specific performance dismissed.

  • In view of the above and to avail various benefits of dematerialization, Members are requested to dematerialize the shares held by them in physical form.

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