Provision of Sample Clauses

Provision of. know your customer” information. The Borrower will, as soon as practicable after receiving a request from the Lender, provide the Lender with any information required by it in relation to its “know your customer” regulations.
Provision of a system of control, protection & work security The Employer undertakes to make provisions for smooth operation of the system of control, protection and Work Security in workplaces staffed with one Employee only. Negotiate the issue with LU Work Security inspector.
Provision of. Article 17.1.1 shall apply only to those administrators who are currently designated non-term administrators. Furthermore, it is understood that when there are no longer any non-term administrators employed by the School Division, Articles 17.1.1 and shall be deleted from the Collective Agreement.
Provision of. SERVICES Subject to the Tenant paying the Service Charge, to provide the following services in accordance with the principles of good estate management:-
Provision of. Curriculum
Provision of. KEY RAW MATERIALS AND INTERMEDIATES. From time to time, Triangle may provide Xxxxxx with Key Raw Materials or chemical intermediates for use under a purchase order for Product that Xxxxxx shall use as directed by Triangle to satisfy such purchase order. Xxxxxx will reduce the invoice price for Product covered by any invoice for which Triangle has provided Xxxxxx such Key Raw Materials or chemical intermediates, by an amount ---------- *** Portions of this page have been omitted pursuant to a request for Confidential Treatment and filed separately with the Commission. equal to *** percent (***%) of Xxxxxx'x corresponding Standard Manufacturing Cost allocation to such Key Raw Materials or chemical intermediates..
Provision of. (i) technical assistance for the development of a master plan for the distribution of drugs, medical equipment and other medical supplies, a training program in drug quantification, and a manual on drug and medical equipment procedures; (ii) technical assistance to review local drug production capacity, assess prepacking drugs, and examine the feasibility of cost sharing arrangements for pharmaceuticals; (iii) training fellowships; and (iv) training on the basis of the results of the technical assistance carried out under this Part (3) (a).
Provision of. (i) salaries and benefits for secondary school teachers in government teacher positions; (ii) raahat (temporary relief) salary grants for secondary school teachers in positions at the end of FY2008/09;