The Bargaining Units Sample Clauses

The Bargaining Units. The Union and the University have agreed to separate the original petitioned-for bargaining unit into two (2) bargaining units, as follows:
The Bargaining Units 

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  • Bargaining Unit The College recognizes the Canadian Union of Public Employees and its Local 2081 as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining agent for all of its employees as certified by the Industrial Relations Council of British Columbia and hereby agrees to negotiate with the Union, or any of its authorized committees, concerning all matters affecting the relationship between parties, aiming towards a peaceful and amicable settlement of any differences that may arise between them.

  • Work of the Bargaining Unit (a) In order to protect the standard of nursing care, the Employer shall not contract out the work normally performed by members of this bargaining unit except:

  • Bargaining Unit Work Supervisors shall not increase, and the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to decrease the amount of bargaining unit work done by supervisors. Supervisors shall only perform bargaining unit work to the extent that they have previously performed such work. During the life of this Agreement, the amount of bargaining unit work done by supervisors shall not increase, and the Employer shall make every reasonable effort to decrease the amount of bargaining unit work done by supervisors. In addition, supervisory employees shall only do bargaining unit work under the following circumstances: in cases of emergency; when necessary to provide break and/or lunch relief; to instruct or train employees; to demonstrate the proper method of accomplishing the tasks assigned; to avoid mandatory overtime; to allow the release of employees for Union or other approved activities; to provide coverage for no shows or when the classification specification provides that the supervisor does, as a part of his/her job, some of the same duties as bargaining unit employees. Except in emergency circumstances, overtime opportunities for work normally performed by bargaining unit employees shall first be offered to those unit employees who normally perform the work before it may be offered to non-bargaining unit employees. The Employer recognizes the integrity of the bargaining units and will not take action for the purpose of eroding the bargaining units.

  • Bargaining Unit Information The Employer agrees to provide the Union such information relating to Employees in the bargaining unit as may be required by the Union for the purpose of collective bargaining.

  • Bargaining Unit Seniority The length of continuous service in a position or succession of positions within Bargaining Unit Two (2), beginning with the last date of hire or transfer into the Bargaining Unit, as defined by seniority credits.