Salary Increase Sample Clauses

Salary Increase. Any amount to which Blau's Salary is increased, as provided in Section 3(b) above or otherwise, shall not thereafter be reduced without his consent, and the term "Salary" as used in this Agreement shall refer to his Salary as thus increased.
Salary Increase. 46.01 Effective July 1, 2020 an increase equal to 1% will be added to the job rates and to the salaries of all employees. Effective July 1, 2021 an increase equal to 1% will be added to the job rates and to the salaries of all employees. Effective July 1, 2022 an increase equal to 1% will be added to the job rates and to the salaries of all employees.
Salary Increase. 1 The employer shall increase the employee’s salary to the next higher amount in the scale if the employer considers that the employee performs his duties satisfactorily.
Salary Increase. All State salary increases or reductions provided to the district during this contract will be provided to all employees.
Salary Increase. Effective December 1, 2015, salary rates shall be increased by 2.25%.
Salary Increase. Pay Equity This Agreement is entered into by the State of Oregon, acting through its Department of Administrative Services, Labor Relations Unit (Employer), and the SEIU Local 503, OPEU (Union). The State of Oregon and SEIU Local 503 share a belief in equal pay for equal work and share a common interest in closing the wage gap between men and women. More than twenty-five (25) years ago, the Parties worked together in an historic effort to close the wage gap and made incredible progress. However, despite that good work, a gap may still remain; therefore, the Parties agree to the following: The Employer shall discuss their recommendations with the Union and also provide the Union the opportunity to make recommendations on how to close any gap for represented employees, including but not limited to policy initiatives and funding needs. LETTER OF AGREEMENT 27.00-15-276
Salary Increase. Retraining leave shall count toward retirement and be considered as a regular service to the District for purposes of advancement on the salary schedule. Approved unit for courses of study during the leave may be applied toward salary advancement per the established regulations governing salary changes.
Salary Increase. PERS Pick-up Transition
Salary Increase. PERS Pickup Transition On behalf of employees, the State will “pick-up” the six percent (6%) employee contribution to their PERS account, payable pursuant to the law. Effective November 1, 2016, Compensation Plan salary rates for PERS eligible employees shall be increased by six and ninety-five one-hundredths percent (6.95%) to be paid December 1, 2016, in addition to the cost of living adjustment described in Article 27. At that time, bargaining unit employees will begin to make their own six percent (6%) contributions to their PERS account or the Individual Account Program account as applicable. Such employees’ contributions shall be treated as “pre-tax” contributions pursuant to Internal Revenue Code, Section 414(h)(2). LETTER OF AGREEMENT 31.00-11-226
Salary Increase. Salary Increases shall occur as specified in Appendix A.