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The Situation. RC described her conversations with the NGA and ND. She went on to inform the governors that Karen Southcott had handed in her notice a while ago and would be stepping back by the end of September. Without a Chair, Vice Chair, Clerk or named finance lead the board was clearly not in a good position to perform its governance role, particularly considering the Ofsted position. HT confirmed that Niamh Verco would step temporarily into the clerk position. RC stated that as a board we needed to make sure we could deliver our core purposes:• Supporting the wellbeing and education of children within the school• Supporting the wellbeing of staff and their ability to function effectively. This meeting is being held to move the situation forwards.
The Situation. Given the nature of their work, this client undertakes numerous road projects throughout the nation, employing over 100 contract workers, usually for around ten months at a time. In 2018, CXC was successful in winning a competitive tender process, which was focused on providing the client with greater consistency around agency margins and improved visibility of the contractor workforce. When implementing the workforce management solution, change management was at the forefront of their priorities. It was a key objective of the implementation that the contractor, hiring manager and supplier experience was not negatively affected throughout the contractor transition process.
The Situation he town of Cantaffordmore lay twenty miles due south of where Professor Enablem Younger, ASLA, taught landscape architecture at the state university. A resident himselfof Cantaffordmore, the professor knew that the town was developing a multi- use park to include, among other features, a football field. The site was at the base of a modest slope, which the town’s park and recreation committee envisioned as a natural seating em- bankment for spectators.
The Situation. Antiretroviral (ARV) treatmentThe Government of Belize (GOB) initiated the programme to provide free ARVs to persons with HIV, in accordance with national treatment guidelines established in 2003. By 2005, the programme was providing free Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) to almost 300 persons. Since the initiation of the ARV scheme, the national programme has demonstrated a significant uptake in placing new patients on ARV treatment. In 2010, MOH had thirteen (13) regiments ARV regiments in Belize, eleven (11) adult and two (2) paediatric, to over a thousand patients. Since 2003 the treatment guidelines have not been updated and as a consequence MOH has opted to use the Caribbean Guidelines for the Care and Treatment of Persons with HIV Infection, developed by the CAREC/PAHO and Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART). In an effort to improve quality of life outcomes GOB has recently embarked on an initiative to update the existing treatment guidelines, with the aim of improving efficiencies in treatment regiments as well as moving the threshold for treatment eligibility from CD4 <350 to CD4 <500. The new guidelines will inform the initiation of ART, the initial regimen chosen, adherence, treatment preparedness, patient monitoring (including for treatment failure, second line regimen, as well as salvage treatment), treatment for OIs (including TB and hepatitis co-infection) and other HIV co-morbidities. It is expected that when the new national guidelines are applied, the number of HIV positive persons receiving ART will be significantly higher. The programme also continues to expand its therapeutic options and has started acquiring newer fixed dose combinations to enhance adherence to treatment. Total receiving ARTTotal need for ART1,4961,600Graph 6: ART Coverage in Belize, 2007-2010 558 630 855 1,053Persons on ARV Treatment 1,400Number of Persons1,2001,0008006004002000 1,175 1,2851,3942007 2008 2009 2010Year Source: 2009 Spectrum Estimate Spectrum-EPP calculates the estimated number of persons in need of treatment on basis of parameters and data from national programme monitoring and a CD4 threshold of 350. Based on the estimated number of persons in Belize in need to ART, the ART coverage has grown from 47.5%in 2007 to 70.4% in 201023. While the number of newly reported HIV infections shows a downward trend, the number of persons in need and entering ARV therapy is expected to increase exponentially until the prevalence of HIV plateaus and begi...
The Situation. The property is situated within the centre of the pedestrianised area known as Mill Street which connects Bridgeland Street and the town's High Street. Mill Street has undergone considerable investment of recent including a mixed residential and commercial development scheme close by.
The Situation. The unit is situated within the pedestrianised thoroughfare of Allhalland Street which leads directly from the town's High Street. There are an assortment of mixed retail, office and leisure users in the immediate vicinity with both Lloyds Bank and Superdrug fronting the High Street entrance to Allhalland Street.
The Situation. HIV Prevalence and Incidence in the General Population and Among Youth Graph 1: New Reported HIV Infections in Belize, 20105045403530252015105025% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0%Source: 2010 NAP Annual ReportPercentageNumberThe adult HIV prevalence rate of Belize was calculated at 2.3 [2.0-2.8]10 in 2009, and has remained relatively unchanged compared to the rate in 2001 of 2.2 [1.9-2.6]. In the same year, the overall prevalence rateNumberPercentage among new HIV+among antenatal clinic attendees was 0.99%, with a rate of 1.01%Less than 1
The Situation. The unit is situated on part of the Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, known as Daddon Court, just off the A39, close to the Atlantic Retail Village. There are a variety of mixed users on the business park including the Plumb Centre and Co-op Supermarket. Daddon Court is a modern development comprising of Industrial Units, Offices and Showrooms.