For the purposes of Sample Clauses

For the purposes of this Clause 12.4 (Corporate Identity and Signage), the Authority shall be deemed to be acting reasonably where any proposals made by it and/or any approvals exercised by it conform with the Welsh Language Standards and any further relevant guidance, amendments or supplements issued by the Welsh Government from time to time in connection with bilingual use of the Welsh and English language.
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For the purposes of this Section 15.00.00, tunnels, raises and shafts shall be defined as follows:
For the purposes of this Section Saturday shall begin at the close of the regularly established shift on Friday.
For the purposes of this Section 5.3, Embedded Base shall mean UNE-P lines that were in service as of March 10, 2005. For the state South Carolina, during the Transition Period CLEC shall be entitled to order and BellSouth shall provision UNE-P that CLEC orders for the purpose of serving CLEC’s existing UNE-P End Users as of March 10, 2005, and such facilities shall be included in the Embedded Base. Subsequent disconnects or loss of UNE-P by CLEC shall be removed from the Embedded Base.
For the purposes of annual leave, a ‘week’ of leave for an employee is based on his/her ordinary working week.
For the purposes of. Article 10.6, “Profits” shall mean the gross revenue received from the assignee or sublessee during the assignment or the sublease term with respect to the space covered by the assignment or sublease (“Transferred Space”) less: (i) the gross revenue paid to Landlord by Tenant during the period of the assignment or sublease term with respect to the Transferred Space; (b) any improvement allowance or other economic concession (planning allowance, moving expenses, etc.) paid by Tenant to sublessee or assignee; (c) brokers’ commissions; (d) attorneys’ fees; (e) costs of advertising the space for sublease or assignment; (f) unamortized cost of initial and subsequent improvements to the Premises by Tenant; and (g) any other costs actually paid in assigning or subletting the Transferred Space or in negotiating or effectuating the assignment or sublease.
For the purposes of. Article 11(1)(ii), it shall be sufficient that the part which appears to be a description (other than any sequence listing part thereof) and the part which appears to be a claim or claims be in a language accepted by the receiving Office under Rule 12.1(a).
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For the purposes of. Article 14(1)(a)(ii), if there is more than one applicant, it shall be sufficient that the indications required under Rule 4.5(a)(ii) and (iii) be provided in respect of one of them who is entitled according to Rule 19.1 to file the international application with the receiving Office.
For the purposes of this Section 3.01:
For the purposes of articles
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