The Union recognizes Sample Clauses

The Union recognizes its obligations and therefore assumes full responsibility to every Employee dis- charged for failing to comply with the provisions of 04.02.00 and 04.02.01 last above set out, as a result of a written request from the Union to the Individual Employer of the Employee.
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The Union recognizes its responsibility as bargaining agent and agrees to represent all employees in the bargaining unit without discrimination, interference, restraint, or coercion. The Union agrees not to intimidate or coerce any employee in an effort to recruit membership in the Union.
The Union recognizes the Employer may introduce a revision in the method or methods of operation, which will produce a revision of job duties and a reduction in personnel in any department. The Union agrees that nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent the implementation of any program and of the workforce reductions of any program to be hereinafter undertaken by the Employer. The Union, on behalf of the employees, agrees to cooperate with the Employer to attain and maintain the full efficiency and maximum patient care, and the Employer agrees to receive and consider constructive suggestions submitted by the Union on behalf of the employees towards these objectives.
The Union recognizes the Corporation as a non-profit Corporation, which is supported by monies raised through taxes.
The Union recognizes the Employer as the exclusive bar- gaining agent for the individual Employers named in Appendix A and any other Employers desirous of entering into a contractual agreement with the BACU in the Province of Ontario. The Union agrees to advise the Employer of any new signatories to the Agreement.

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  • UNION RECOGNITION The Employer recognizes the Union as the exclusive bargaining agent for all employees for whom the Union has been certified.

  • RECOGNITION OF THE UNION 1. The BCPSEA recognizes the BCTF as the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for the negotiation and administration of all terms and conditions of employment of all employees within the bargaining unit for which the BCTF is established as the bargaining agent pursuant to PELRA and subject to the provisions of this Collective Agreement.

  • Union Responsibility The Union will attend to any necessary documentation required as a result of a change in the designated institution.

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