Leave With Sample Clauses

Leave With. WITHOUT PAY‌
Leave With. An employee shall be granted injury-on-duty leave with pay for such reasonable period as may be determined by the Employer when a claim has been made pursuant to the Government Employees Compensation Act, and a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board authority has notified the Employer that it has certified that the employee is unable to work because of:
Leave With. An employee shall earn vacation leave credits at the rate prescribed for his years of continuous employment, as set forth in Article of the collective agreement, for each calendar which he receives at least two (2) weeks pay. The leave credits w i l l not be converted to hours.
Leave With. (a) After the completion of one continuous employment in the Senate, and providing an employee gives the Employer at least five (5) days' notice, he shall be granted five (5) marriage leave with pay for the purpose of getting married. For an employee with less than two (2) years of continuous employment, in the event of termination of employment for reasons other than death or lay-off within (6) months after the granting of marriage leave, an amount equal to the amount paid the employee during the period of leave will be recovered by the Employer from any monies owed the employee.
Leave With. The provisions of Article shall apply to employees mutatis mutandis for the purpose of adoption leave except that a medical certificate certifying pregnancy shall serve to mean a certificate certifying adoption, the certificate certifying adoption be provided by the natural mother of the child to be adopted. Male employees shall be allowed one week of leave with pay if medical complications arise as a result of the birth of ais child and the male employee is required to render assistance, subject to the male employee providing to the Employer a certificate from the attending physician verifying the need for such assistance. The weekly scheduled hours of work assigned to classifications are included in Article Rates of Pay.
Leave With. Cor A t it discretion, Employer nay grant leave with pay in including education courses leading to upgrading of 'qualifications order to facilitate promotion, military or defence training, and emergencies affecting the or place of work. A t its discretion, the Employer may grant leave without pay any purpose, including enrollment the Canadian Armed Forces and election to a full-time Municipal off ice.
Leave With. An employee shall be granted injury-on-duty leave with pay for such reasonable period as may be determined by the Employer where it is determined by a Provincial Worker's Compensation Board that he is unable to perform his duties because of: personal injury accidentally received in the performance of his duties and not caused by the employee's wilful misconduct, sickness resulting from the nature of his employment, or exposure to hazardous conditions in the course of his employment, if the employee agrees to pay to the Receiver General of Canada any amount received by him for loss of wages in settlement of any claim he may have in respect of such injury, sickness or exposure.
Leave With. The Employer leave with when circumstances not directly to employees including illness in the family as defined in a) prevent their reporting for duty. Such leave shall not unreasonably denied.
Leave With. Leave-of-absence with pay may be granted by the Employer for special purposes, including, but not restricted to religious leave, personal matters and or compassionate leave, Such leave shall not be unreasonably denied.
Leave With or without pay for other reasons‌ At its discretion, the Employer may grant: