Oversight Committee Sample Clauses

Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee will resolve all issues arising out of the implementation of the wage structure and any unresolved issues arising out of the implementation committee review of the collective agreement and any other agreements between the parties. This committee will be comprised of two (2) senior level representatives from the Company and two (2) senior level representatives from the PWU. Should the Oversight Committee reach an impasse on an issue the matter may be remitted to mediation/arbitration using the same mediator/arbitrator as agreed to in Article 8.4.4.
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Oversight Committee. Within sixty (60) business days of the signing of this Agreement, the Parties will establish one or more Oversight Committee(s) co-chaired by representatives of Canada and British Columbia or use an already existing Committee established between the Parties to monitor this Agreement. The Oversight Committee(s) will:
Oversight Committee. The Company and Union shall each appoint up to three members to be part of an Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee will attempt to resolve any issues that may arise regarding this Letter of Agreement. Issues that the Oversight Committee cannot resolve will be escalated to the Company’s and Union’s respective designees to attempt resolution within forty-five (45) days. Issues that the Oversight Committee cannot resolve will be subject to the party’s grievance procedure Subsection 102.3(a)(2) and timelines will be waived for the forty-five-day period. Either the Company or the Union reserves the right to cancel this agreement by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice. This agreement has been discussed with Senior Assistant Business Manager Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. If you agree, please so indicate in the space provided below and return one executed copy of this letter to the Company. Very truly yours, PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY By: _ Xxxxxxx Xxxx Senior Director The Union is in agreement. LOCAL UNION NO. 1245, INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS, AFL-CIO {{Dte_es_:Signer:date}}, Mar 13, 2023 2023 By: {{$IBEW}} {{#IBEW=IBEW_es_:signer8:signature:dimension(width=35mm, height=12mm):align(center)}}
Oversight Committee. The Company and Unions agree to establish this committee to address issues that arise from the implementation of Alternative Reporting Location, Multi-Skilled Crews, and the Systems Response Strategy. In order for this committee to function as envisioned, the open exchange of information is required. This committee will be comprised of one (1) representative from each Local (51, 309, 702 and 649) and four (4) representatives from the Company. This committee will meet as needed and have the authority to resolve problems. Any party to this agreement may request a meeting of this committee. Any recommended changes to these agreements are subject to acceptance by the Company and affected Locals. It is recommended that this committee be comprised of people who were directly involved in the negotiation of the agreements listed above. In the event that the Oversight Committee cannot resolve an issue, it will enter the grievance procedure at the Four-Man Board step. Alternative dispute resolution methods may be utilized if mutually agreeable to the parties involved. MULTI-SKILLED CREWS The Company and Unions agree that multi-skilled crews consisting of one qualified electric journeyman and one qualified gas distribution journeyman may be used to install residential underground electric and gas services where both utilities are being installed on the same property at the same time. The parties agree that they will assist each other in the expedient performance of work to the extent that it can be done safely. Employees working on multi-skilled crews will receive the basic training necessary to assist each other in performing the assigned work. The beginning point on electrical service work will be limited to pedestals and pad-mount transformers. Electric and gas department journeymen will express their interest annually (posted for seven (7) days) in being assigned to these crews when needed. If no journeymen express interest in this work, the least senior journeymen in the appropriate department will be trained and assigned to this crew. By expressing interest or being assigned, the employee is committed to work on this crew as needed for one (1) year, unless he moves to another position or department which is not eligible for this work. Training and assignments will be made from this interest list based on department seniority. Once assignments are made, they will remain in effect unless there is an absence or vacancy on the crew which the Company desires to fill...
Oversight Committee. An Oversight Committee comprised of representatives of Eligible Participants shall be appointed by MHEC to assist and support MHEC and HPE in developing and refining the implementation of this Agreement. This shall include, but not be limited to, assistance with marketing strategies, representing the interests of Eligible Participants in assuring quality and timely products and services, web presence; and to advise HPE on the effectiveness of its implementation progression. At the very least there will be an annual meeting between HPE and MHEC (and perhaps members of the Oversight Committee) to perform an Agreement health check; including items such as those above.
Oversight Committee. Within sixty (60) business days of the date of the last signature of this Agreement, the Parties will establish an Oversight Committee comprising a federal co-chair and a co-chair from the Recipient. The Oversight Committee will:
Oversight Committee. Promptly after Date of Agreement, but in any event within thirty (30) days from Date of this Agreement, the Parties shall establish an oversight committee (“Oversight Committee”) to oversee the Development of the Product to ensure timely development and approval of the Product. The Oversight Committee shall include up to four (4) representatives of each Party.
Oversight Committee. The MOCA4 Oversight Committee will facilitate the implementation of this agreement. This committee will meet at least quarterly and will be comprised of the representatives of the parties to this agreement.
Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee (OC) shall be comprised of three members from the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall appoint the representatives of the OC. Each representative of the OC shall continue to be a representative thereof until the Board of Directors appoints his/her successor. Where a vacancy occurs, the Board of Directors will fill the vacancy. The OC shall meet as needed, provided that a quorum, as defined in these Bylaws, is present. The OC shall report to the Board of Directors following each OC meeting with respect to its activities and with such recommendations, as the OC deems necessary. The responsibilities of the Oversight Committee shall include:
Oversight Committee. As of the Swap Closing, the Board shall designate a committee of the Board (the “Oversight Committee”) consisting of three directors, two of whom shall be directors designated by Investor (the “Investor Designees”). Any vacancy created by the resignation, removal or absence of any Investor Designee shall be filled by another director designated by Investor. Meetings of the Oversight Committee shall be held at least monthly during each fiscal year. The Oversight Committee shall be solely responsible for determining the appropriate allocation and use of the Proceeds by the Company. The Proceeds shall be allocated and used in accordance with the capital requirements schedule agreed by the parties, as reasonably determined by the Oversight Committee. All decisions of the Oversight Committee shall require approval of a majority of its members. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Investor reasonably determines that the use or allocation of Proceeds by the Company is materially inconsistent with such capital requirements schedule, Investor shall be entitled to instruct the Escrow Agent to cease distribution of the Proceeds from the Escrow Account in accordance with the Escrow Agreement until such matter is resolved by the parties hereto to the satisfaction of Investor.