Line of Progression Sample Clauses

Line of Progression. The line of progression annexed hereto will only be changed after prior negotiation between the Company and the Union Committee. This does not mean that all positions within the Line of Progression must be maintained.
Line of Progression. The Company will agree, where it considers it possible, to develop a line of progression in departments where such lines do not exist and include these lines of progression in the Labour Agreement. OF UNDERSTANDING RE LINES OF PROGRESSION This letter will confirm the Company's intention regarding lines of progression. The Company will immediately assign an individual to discuss and prepare with operating supervisors and review with the local union concerned the department lines of progression. Copies of the department lines of progression will be provided for each local President. OF UNDERSTANDING During recent negotiation meetings, discussions were held regarding the job posting of the following rated positions. Security Cleaner Mechanical Helper Electrical Helper "A" consideration will be given an employee who has a proven medical condition or any other valid reason or when it is agreed to be in the best interest of the employee and the Company. CANADA SAVINGS BONDS,
Line of Progression. A "line of progression" is a sequence of related job classifications within a department or a division providing advancement for qualified employees therein. All lines of progression are specifically set forth in Exhibit D.
Line of Progression. Digester Department Cook 1st Helper 2nd Helper (12 hrs Day only) Line of Progression Sulphite Department Bleachery Operator Assistant Bleachery Operator
Line of Progression. Legacy Code SAP Job Code Next Lower Classifications Legacy Code SAP Job Code Same or Higher Classifications 0501 51567004 LNG/CNG Technician* 0502 51567005 Senior LNG/CNG Technician *To be considered qualified, must have completed the applicable training program followed by two yearsexperience as a LNG/CNG Technician.
Line of Progression. Next Lower Classifications Same or Higher Classifications 0140 Cableman 0623 Labor Xxxxxxx (Electric T&D) 0737 UG Construction Crew Xxxxxxx 0683 Night Cable Crew Xxxxxxx 0820 Cable Crew Xxxxxxx 0845 Working Xxxxxxx 1077 UG Construction Journeyman- Electric 0990 Inspector 0998 Compliance Inspector 0999 UG Compliance Inspector 1099 Underground Lineman (G.C.) (Inc. Only) 2280 (2286) Cable Splicer (Un.) 2281 Apprentice Cable Splicer 2285 Apprentice Cable Splicer (GC) 2283 Night Cable Splicer 2290 Transmission Cableman 2520 Towerman (G.C.) 0960 Cableman's Utility Worker 1190 Street Light Maintenanceman 1660 T&D Equipment Operator 1661 T&D Equipment Operator - GC 1662 T&D Equipment Operator (Trans.) 2010 Manhole Pumpman 2013 Night Manhole Pumpman 1096 T&D Assistant (Inc. Only) 1098 Night T&D Assistant 0947 Utility Worker- (G.C.)-Electric
Line of Progression. Section 19.2 and 19.3 shall not apply to job openings within an established line of progression, which includes
Line of Progression. 7.01 Employees employed at the time of execution of this agreement will be “grandfathered’ into the classification of Instructor/Guard.
Line of Progression. Legacy Code SAP Job Code Next Lower Classifications Legacy Code SAP Job Code Same or Higher Classifications 1306 (1304) 50073132 Gas Control Mechanic M&C & (Un.)* 0501 51567004 LNG/CNG Technician 1365 (1366) 50010288 Measurement & Control Mechanic & (Un.) 0502 51567005 Sr. LNG/CNG Technician 0644 50010176 Technical Crew Leader A (G.C. Gas) 0645 50010177 Technical Crew Leader B (G.C. Gas) 2405 50010409 Gas Technician (G.C.) (PIO)** 2410 50010413 Gas Control Technician 2413 50010416 Gas Technician (G.C.) *Former M&C Mechanics, Appr. M&C Mechanics and Technical Compressor Mechanics (Rio Vista only) who, in accordance with LA 91-145, were transferred from DBU (now Utility Operations) to GSO (now Gas System Maintenance & Technical Support) and given the option to retain rights to the M&C Line of Progression in Utility Operations. 2013 Wage Rates for New Classifications 51567004 (0501) LNG/CNG Technician $47.10 51567005 (0502) Senior LNG/CNG Technician $49.45
Line of Progression. Requirements to take promotional examinations within the fire service are as follows: Firefighter Driver/Engineer Two (2) years of service as an Everett Fire Department Firefighter *Firefighter/Paramedic Two (2) years of service in the City of Xxxxxxx Fire Department. AND