Committee Established Sample Clauses

Committee Established. The Parties agree to maintain a Joint Committee on Benefits with four (4) members appointed by each side.
Committee Established. A committee made up of three individuals designated by the Union and three individuals designated by management to determine what programs and/or procedures shall be implemented.
Committee Established. The Parties agree to maintain a Joint Committee on Benefits with four (4) members appointed by each side. Two union representatives will represent the BCGEU on this committee.
Committee Established. The parties agree to establish a Joint Committee on Benefits Administration with four members appointed by each side. Where possible, the parties agree to support the concept of a joint committee inclusive of representatives of the employers, staff unions and faculty unions.

Related to Committee Established

  • Committee Procedures The following procedures shall apply to the Management Committee:

  • Committee Discretion The Committee has full discretion with respect to any actions to be taken or determinations to be made in connection with this Agreement, and its determinations shall be final, binding and conclusive.

  • Management Committee The Parties will act in good faith and use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly resolve any claim, dispute, claim, controversy or disagreement (each a "Dispute") between the Parties or any of their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns under or related to this Agreement or any document executed pursuant to this Agreement or any of the transactions contemplated hereby. If the Parties cannot resolve the Dispute within such time frame, the Dispute will be submitted to the Management Committee for resolution. For ten (10) days following submission of the Dispute to the Management Committee, the Management Committee will have the exclusive right to resolve such Dispute; provided further that the Management Committee will have the final and exclusive right to resolve Disputes arising from any provision of the Agreement which expressly or implicitly provides for the Parties to reach mutual agreement as to certain terms. If the Management Committee is unable to amicably resolve the Dispute during the ten-day period, then the Management Committee will consider in good faith the possibility of retaining a third party mediator to facilitate resolution of the Dispute. In the event the Management Committee elects not to retain a mediator, the dispute will be subject to the resolution mechanisms described below. "Management Committee" will mean a committee made up of a senior executive from each of the Parties for the purpose of resolving Disputes under this Section 7 and generally overseeing the relationship between the Parties contemplated by this Agreement. Neither Party will seek, nor will be entitled to seek, binding outside resolution of the Dispute unless and until the Parties have been unable amicably to resolve the Dispute as set forth in this Section 7 and then, only in compliance with the procedures set forth in this Section 7.

  • Committee Minutes Each committee shall keep regular minutes of its meetings and report the same to the board of directors when required.

  • Compensation Committee The term “Compensation Committee” for purposes of this Agreement shall mean the Compensation Committee of the Board.

  • Committee Determinations The Committee shall have absolute discretion to determine the date and circumstances of the termination of your Service, and its determination shall be final, conclusive and binding upon you.

  • Committee Determination Any adjustments or other action pursuant to this Section 4 shall be made by the Committee, and the Committee's determination as to what adjustments shall be made or actions taken, and the extent thereof, shall be final and binding.

  • Nominating Committee The Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of not fewer than three members, one of whom shall be designated as Chairman of the Nominating Committee. A majority of members of the Nominating Committee shall not be officers of the Corporation. The Nominating Committee shall have and may exercise those rights, powers and authority of the Board of Directors as may from time to time be granted to it by the Board of Directors; provided, however, that in addition to any such rights, powers or authority, the Nominating Committee shall have the exclusive right to recommend candidates for election as directors to the Board of Directors.

  • Committee Rules Unless the Board of Directors otherwise provides, each committee designated by the Board of Directors may make, alter and repeal rules for the conduct of its business. In the absence of such rules each committee shall conduct its business in the same manner as the Board of Directors conducts its business pursuant to Article II of these Bylaws.

  • Selection Committee 1. The Fund Operator shall establish at least one Selection Committee. The role of the Selection Committee is to recommend to the Fund Operator which projects should be funded. The Selection Committee shall consist of at least three persons with the relevant sector expertise and experience of working on or with civil society. At least one of them shall be external to the Fund Operator [and its Partner(s)].