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Alternative dispute resolution means mediation, arbitration, conciliation, or other nonjudicial procedure that involves a neutral party in the decisionmaking process. The form of alternative dispute resolution chosen pursuant to this article may be binding or nonbinding, with the voluntary consent of the parties.
Alternative dispute resolution or “ADR” means forms of dispute resolution other than determination by a court or tribunal or direct negotiation between the parties or their legal advisors and includes all forms of mediation, arbitration or early neutral evaluation but for the avoidance of doubt ADR is not a reference to our dispute resolution procedures, which are set out at Clauses 27 and 28 of the Standard Terms;

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Alternative dispute resolution has been increasingly used in cases where State and State-owned enterprises were involved and should be further promoted.A new Courts Act was adopted by Parliament in February 2013.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is any procedure or combination of procedures elected by parties to informally resolve issues in controversy, without litigation.

Alternative dispute resolution covers all methods of dispute resolution apart from court litigation, and in particular, includes arbitration and mediation.

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Alternative dispute resolution means any process a Complainant or a Member, or both, may agree to participate in that provides a way to resolve a complaint other than holding a disciplinary hearing, and which may include mediation, arbitration or a restorative justice process as described in Division E – Alternative Dispute Resolution;
Alternative dispute resolution means any procedure agreed by the parties for the resolution of disputes other than those involving formal arbitration or litigation.
Alternative dispute resolution means the following processes that can be used to resolve an issue or issues in dispute:
Alternative dispute resolution means the collective description of methods of resolving disputes otherwise than through the normal trial process;
Alternative dispute resolution. (or ‘ADR’) means any system of resolving a dispute other than by court litigation, and includes arbitration, mediation, conciliation and processes of administrative dispute resolution.
Alternative dispute resolution or “ADR” means a process other than litigation used to resolve disputes including mediation, arbitration, facilitation, regulatory negotiation, fact-finding, conciliation, early neutral evaluation, and policy dialogues.
Alternative dispute resolution. MEANS A METHOD OF