Testing Services definition

Testing Services means the administration and interpretation of the results of standardized instruments for the assessment, diagnosis or evaluation of psychological or developmental disorders.
Testing Services means RGI's business, among other things, of conducting molecular-based tumor tissue profiling using a proprietary and patented process developed by RGI which involves a complex molecular analysis of specific molecular markers that provides valuable tumor specific gene expression information obtained from a paraffin preserved fresh or frozen tissue sample, which can help the physician choose the most appropriate therapy for a patient prior to starting treatment or assist a pharmaceutical company in identifying the appropriate candidate patient population suitable for a therapy in development.
Testing Services shall be CONTRACT PRODUCT production and/or engineering tests and test related services to be provided under this AGREEMENT.

Examples of Testing Services in a sentence

  • Administrator acknowledges that the Company shall be solely responsible for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the stress testing reports or other data or information included in the Stress Testing Services provided by Sub-Administrator.

  • Within five (5) days of written notice by the Companies to Sub-Administrator requesting increased frequency of the Stress Testing Services, Sub-Administrator shall for the period of time set forth in such notice provide the Stress Testing Services on a more frequent basis than the frequency initially requested.

  • Sub-Administrator may from time to time add additional tests to the Standard Stress Testing Suite and will provide the results of such tests as part of the Stress Testing Services provided to each Fund.

  • Class Q6 consists of all General Unsecured Claims against Testing Services.

  • Inspectorate’s Metals and Minerals Inspection and Laboratory Testing Services are certified by BSI Inc.

More Definitions of Testing Services

Testing Services means the offering of the PreTRM® proteomic test to identify sxxxxxxxx pregnant women at increased risk of spontaneous preterm birth developed by Company.
Testing Services means the performance by or on behalf of Guardant, the JV, and their Affiliates of the Tests on Samples obtained in the Territory, pursuant to the Distribution Model or the License Model.
Testing Services. – means all services, scope of work and deliverables to be provided by the Bidder as described in the RFP
Testing Services means Services related to probing Dies using the Test Program. The Testing Services may include without limitation fusing, baking, inking, mapping of data of Dies, providing related reports and data and releasing Lots as agreed upon between the Parties in writing.
Testing Services has the meaning given to this term in Section 1 of Schedule “D”.
Testing Services means the specific services involving Response's application of the DTP Platform to Samples provided by Taiho, all pursuant to this Agreement and as more fully described in Schedule A, annexed hereto. Portions of this Exhibit were omitted and have been filed separately with the Secretary of the Commission pursuant to the Company’s application requesting confidential treatment under Rule 406 of the Securities Act.
Testing Services means environmental, package, vibration, climatic, HALT & HASS, and NEMA compliance testing.