As Needed Sample Clauses

As Needed. The Employer further agrees to survey employees every two (2) years, beginning in 2018 to gain a better understanding of all employee's training needs and interests. The results of the survey will be shared with all staff within a month of the survey closing.
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As Needed. Access control policies and procedures must be reviewed and updated as needed, as systems, roles, and personnel change.
As Needed. 1. Respond to tenant calls or work-orders, particularly for the following typical requests: lock-outs; extra trash/recycling pick-up; toilet/sink clogs and related clean-ups; light bulb replacements (when property manager’s staff is not available); special vacuuming for meetings; follow-up on items not finished by night cleaners; errand-running; memo delivery.
As Needed. A. Power wash all plaza and building entry paver surfaces and surrounding sidewalks to remove stains from snow melt residue, food spills and other items. Wipe down and clean building exterior glass and metals from overspray. Power washing unit is provided by the property.
As Needed. Landlord shall provide the following related services on an as-needed basis:
As Needed. (a) Operator acknowledges that the Marina is new and that the Operator shall not attempt modifications or repairs to any improvements whatsoever covered by warranty but shall immediately notify the Contract Administrator and Construction and Maintenance Division of any defects, failures or malfunctions.
As Needed. The Centre hereby engages Consultant and Consultant agrees to provide consulting services (the “Services”) for The Centre. Consultant agrees that Consultant’s performance of the Services shall be governed by the terms of this Agreement and those of the Schedule A described in Section 4.
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As Needed. Carpet shall be cleaned as needed using JWA and/or Dupont approved cleaning methods which may include vacuuming, spot cleaning, spot extracting, and gum removal. Cleaning supplies include solvent and water- soluble products. The carpet shall be kept free of dirt, gum, tar, ink, luggage tracks, smudges, liquid spills, and other contaminants visible to the eye. The Contractor shall spot extract all spills found and reported during the day within five (5) minuets. Notes:
As Needed. Check for abandoned campsites and remove abandoned materials, trash and debris for disposal. All work is to be completed in a safe manner using all required safety equipment. Nothing in this Scope of Work shall be interpreted to either require or allow New Directions (or any of its employees) to violate or infringe the civil or legal rights of third parties (either to their persons or possessions). All workers are to be safety trained in the work that they perform and a safety meeting is to be performed before the start of each task. All supervisors will need to check in with the mall’s security office, either in person or by calling 707.498.1989 before the start of each day. CityVowned PALCO and Xxxxxx Xxxxx Areas:, Parcel 4. Assist and coordinate continuing work on Bayshore Restoration Areas “A” and “B” wetlands parcels under this Scope of Work with adjacent wetland preserve areas owned by or overseen by the Coastal Conservancy, the City of Eureka, or other groups and organizations. Compensation for Wetlands maintenance work under this Agreement: $ 1,670.00 per month for a total of $ 20,040.00 per year.
As Needed. 33. Premises and the sidewalks, driveways, parking areas and all means of access and egress for the Premises should be maintained in good repair, and in clean and safe condition at all times.
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