Original Document definition

Original Document means the initially prepared written document or any counterpart intended to have the same effect by the creator.
Original Document means and refer to a document prepared in accordance with the provisions of California Rules of Court, rules 2.100 through 2.119.
Original Document means a Document that constitutes a Record.

Examples of Original Document in a sentence

  • Original document may be asked for verification at the time of finalizing the tender.Criterion for Evaluation of Blacklisting:The firms who have been blacklisted by HPGCL or any other Centre or State Power Utility/Board or Corporation/or any other Thermal/Hydro Elect.

  • Original document or a duly certified copy of the project in 2 copies;4.

  • The special naming format is as follows: <Filename> - Apostille TX <transaction hash> -- Date YYYY-MM-DD.pdf Original document file name example: MyProject2016.pdf Hashed document file name example: MyProject2016 - Apostille TX 0e94da29910ae64bb544e9de0e6a5c6440bd75e6bedafd81b5b 4cf729ca25ef -- Date 2016-09-12.pdf When a user uploads the file to audit, the name is parsed and the blockchain notarization transaction is retrieved from the blockchain using the transaction hash.

More Definitions of Original Document

Original Document means a document that may be sent by the Applicant but bears the proper seals and signatures of the Issuing Institution and is not a photocopy, or a notarized or certified copy.
Original Document means the document so described in the "Details" section of this agreement.
Original Document means a document lodged at or collected and conveyed to a Fax Centre for facsimile carriage or delivery from that centre.
Original Document means the document that is registered, deposited or filed under this Act.
Original Document means all documentation filed with the Board, electronically, shall be deemed the original record in each matter.
Original Document means a document required to be recorded under
Original Document means the initially prepared