Date of this Agreement Sample Clauses

Date of this Agreement. As used in this Agreement, the terms “date of this Agreement” or “date hereof” shall mean and refer to the date on which Seller executes this Agreement.
Date of this Agreement shall refer to the first date upon which this Agreement has been signed by all of the parties.
Date of this Agreement and words of similar import (such as "date hereof") shall mean April 29, 1996.
Date of this Agreement. The Date of this Agreement shall be the date on which the Seller signs this Agreement, as set forth immediately under the Seller’s signature below.
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Date of this Agreement. December 19, 2019.
Date of this Agreement. The "Date of This Agreement" means the last date upon which this Agreement was executed and accepted by Purchaser or Seller, as the case may be.
Date of this Agreement. References to the “date of this Agreement” mean the date on which both Seller and Purchaser have signed this Agreement (including counterparts).
Date of this Agreement. The latest date of execution by the Seller or the Purchaser, as indicated on the signature page of this Agreement.
Date of this Agreement. “date hereof” or “date of the execution of this Agreement” shall mean November 12, 2002.