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Examples of Report to in a sentence

The successful vendor(s) must submit the AA302 Report to the Division of Public Contracts Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance, with a copy to Public Agency.

Status and Needs of Forensic Science Seruice Prouid- ers: A Report to Congress.

The Fund may provide a copy of such SOC 1SM Report to its external auditors, provided that such auditors are required to maintain the confidentiality of such SOC 1SM Report and any related information.

Faculty members who are in divisions of Faculties or Departments shall, in addition, submit a copy of the Annual Report to the division Chair or Head.

Reporting requirementsA3.07.1 Each Academic Faculty member, including Department Chairs, shall submit an annual SPA Report to the Dean on SPA in the previous year.A3.07.2 SPA undertaken during sabbatical, assisted leave and secondment shall be reported in the annual SPA Report.