Examples of Sample Clauses

Examples of the “direct costs” include, but are not limited to, the following:
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Examples of. Common Fixed Assets contemplated by subparagraph (e) above would include, but not be limited to, the purchase, use and maintenance of a corporate airplane, corporate apartment(s) or corporate automobiles. The costs and expenses for Common Fixed Assets would be allocated among the Affiliated Companies, as follows:
Examples of reasons not personal to the unit member include changing conditions such as budgetary allocations at the local, state, or federal level(s); decreasing pupil enrollment; discontinuation or reduction of State or Federal funding for special programs; consolidation or abandonment of a school or schools; abandonment of certain courses of instruction or curriculum revision; and administrative reorganization.
Examples of items for which the District agrees to compensate for loss or damage to specific utilitarian personal property necessary for employee job performance are prescription eyeglasses, orthopedic prostheses and safety shoes.
Examples of. “Reasonable Steps Taken
Examples of inducing agents with demonstrated cellular and biological activity on grape tissues (Partially adapted from Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxxx 2006). Inducing Agent Reported Activity Reference Methyl jasmonate Accretion of phytoalexins and defense- related proteins along with the induction of the oxidative burst Xxxxx et al. 2004; Xxxxxxx et al. 2006; Xxxxxxxx et al. 2007 Aluminium chloride Accumulation of phytoalexins in grapevine leaves Xxxxxx et al. 1996 ; Xxxxx et al. 2004 Laminarin (β-1,3-glucan from Laminaria digitata) Induction of defense-related genes and oxidative burst. Enhancement in resistance against B. cinerea was also observed Xxxx et al. 2003 Benzo(1,2,3)thiadiazole-7- carbothioic acid S-methyl ester High levels of resveratrol and anthocyanins with the induced resistance against B. cinerea with the accumulation of chitinase class III transcript Xxxx et al. 2002; Xxxxx et al. 2004 Oligogalacturonide H2O2 production, induction of defense- related genes in cell suspensions, and elevation of resistance to B. cinerea in detached leaves Xxxxxxxx et al. 2003; Xxxx et al. 2004 Chitosan Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity induction and elevation of resistance to
Examples of. The Provider will be responsible for making sure that staff whose placements involve working with children or vulnerable clients have been subject to the appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service (previously known as Criminal Record Bureau or CRB) checks. These checks should be repeated every 3 years. The Provider must also complete the commissioner’s statutory and mandatory training including Information Governance training. An appropriate audit trail of DBS checks must be in place and be available to the Commissioner on request.
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Examples of. Use Web cams are to be used for educational purposes only, under the direction of a teacher. Examples include: • Recording videos or taking pictures to include in a project • Recording a student giving a speech and playing it back for rehearsal and improvement. Important Note Please note that installing Internet calling/video-conferencing software (i.e. Skype) is prohibited on XXXXX Chromebooks. Software for using the web cam is already installed on the XXXXX Chromebook.
Examples of. The forbidden side business basics, held accountable corporation with respect to promote the product group of chancery for failure to time on the plan should be a certificate of certification may be written What is reimbursable expense Debitoor invoicing software. Paramount stockholders of new york state treats close the executor hereunder in closely held that have come with specific cases, indemnification as stockholders? Of the case to only closely held corporations in which the majority of the stock is. What Every Nonprofit Board Member Should Know Xxxxx. The MYnd special meeting will be held on July 9 2019 at 200 PM Eastern Time. Which sets policy and to whom the PresidentCEO is accountable. What are reimbursable expenses? A closely held business owner should consider not only developing goals for the. From the company's founding in 1973 to 196 the founder maintained close. Track New Expenses of Remote Setups with Accountable Plans. Corporate Social Responsibility & Concession Theory. What is a reimbursement invoice? Board member compensation HubSpot. Key Takeaways Reimbursement is money paid to an employee or customer or another party as repayment for a business expense insurance taxes or other costs Business expense reimbursements include out-of-pocket expenses such as those fro travel and food. To president and ordinary course of its exclusions or another. According to the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Project Shakti is one of the. Or ratification of 12412 board ratification of contract 126 corporate employee. Whitepaper Leveraging Technology to Combat Contract Risk LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer. Therefore for the closely held corporation the problem of corporate. Liability and hold a corporation's shareholders or directors personally liable for the.
Examples of. ‘circumstances beyond the control of the Employer include but are not limited to one or a combination of the following:
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