Function Sample Clauses

Function. It shall be the function of the Governing Board to uphold the Charter School’s mission and vision, to set policy for the Charter School, to work collaboratively with school officials to ensure the Charter School complies with the performance goals enumerated in Section 8 above, to ensure effective organizational planning, and to ensure financial stability of the Charter School.
Function. The Health and Safety Committee shall assist in creating a safe and healthful place of work and learning.
Function. The Committee shall deal with personnel and staffing items of concern to either the Board or the VTF It shall have authority, by majority agreement, to bring recommendations to the Board through Committee IV.
Function. In an advisory capacity with access to the necessary information: (This is limited in that it does not apply in respect of information as to the service, salary, pension benefits or other personal information related to any specific person without that person's prior consent.) Pensions
Function. All matters of mutual concern, which may include, but are not restricted to collective work issues, operational issues and efficiencies, hours of work, and other working conditions, may be referred to the Labour/Management Committee. However, the Labour/Management Committee shall not entertain discussion or process delegated to the internal Committee responsible for the job evaluation process. The Committee shall not have the authority to alter, modify, or change the Collective Agreement.
Function. The Committee shall have the right to provide advice to the Principal/Vice-Principal(s), and to consider the following matters in relation to the operation of the school:
Function. Company represents and warrants that the Software shall meet the functional and performance criteria as set forth in the Agreement, the PA, in this Exhibit and the Documentation, including, without limitation, maximum response times and availability. Company shall correct any failure of the Software to operate in accordance with the performance warranties set forth in this Section by providing additional hardware, Software or services to Saint Luke’s at no additional cost. In the event Company is unable to correct such failure within ten (10) calendar days of when the problem was reported to Company, a breach shall be deemed to have occurred, and Saint Luke’s shall be entitled to seek the rights and remedies available to it under the Agreement. Company also represents and warrants that the Software is compatible with the Products and Equipment specified in the Documentation. In the event that such software modifications, versions, Updates, upgrades or enhancements are received by Saint Luke’s with incomplete or reduced functionality, Company will continue to maintain the version of the product and equipment containing the functionality initially licensed by Saint Luke’s until such Software modification, Version, Update, upgrade or enhancement is modified to restore all original functionality in good working order and received by Saint Luke’s.
Function. (a) Participate in the identification of problems and issues of Company significance in employee health and safety policy and practice.
Function. The function of the arbitrator shall be to adjudicate controversies involving alleged violations of a specific Article or Section of this Agreement.