Decisions Sample Clauses

Decisions. 17.12.1 When an employee is represented by the Association in the presentation of a grievance, the Council shall provide the Association with a copy of the Council’s decision at each level of the grievance procedure at the same time the Council’s decision is conveyed to the employee.
Decisions. Wherever pursuant to this Agreement (i) Lender exercises any right given to it to approve or disapprove, (ii) any arrangement or term is to be satisfactory or acceptable to Lender, or (iii) any other decision or determination is to be made by Lender, the decision of Lender to approve or disapprove or to accept or not accept, all decisions that arrangements or terms are satisfactory or not satisfactory and all other decisions and determinations made by Lender, shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of Lender and shall be final and conclusive, except as may be otherwise expressly and specifically provided herein.
Decisions. If a bargaining unit member pursues remedies for alleged unlawful discrimination through federal or state agencies charged with investigating such matters, or through the courts, then the decision of such agency, agencies, or court affecting that issue shall supersede any decisions, settlements, or agreements reached through the grievance procedure in this Agreement.
Decisions. 3.4.1 A quorum for a meeting of the Joint Steering Committee shall require the presence of at least two AMBRX members (or designees) and at least two ZMC members (or designees) in person or by telephone. All decisions made or actions taken by the Joint Steering Committee shall be made unanimously by its members, with the AMBRX members present at a meeting cumulatively having one vote and the ZMC members present at a meeting cumulatively having one vote.
Decisions. All decisions of the Patent Committee will be made by consensus, with each Party having one vote. If the Patent Committee cannot agree on a matter within the Patent Committee’s authority within five (5) days after it has met and attempted to reach such decision, then, either Party may, by written notice to the other, have such issue referred to the Program Directors for resolution. The Parties’ respective Program Directors will meet within five (5) days after such matter is referred to them, and will negotiate in good faith to resolve the matter. If the Program Directors are unable to resolve the matter within five (5) days after the matter is referred to them, then the decision will be resolved as set forth below:
Decisions. The decision by the arbitrator shall be rendered within thirty days after the close of the hearing. Decisions by the arbitrator in cases properly before him shall be final and binding upon the parties, subject, however, to the limitations of the arbitration decisions as provided by and in the PELRA of 1971, as amended.
Decisions. The Council shall reach its decisions by consensus. The Council shall be deemed to have decided on a matter submitted for its consideration if no member of the Council formally objects to the acceptance of a proposal.
Decisions. Recommendations of a functional area, Coordinator or a committee created under the Collective Agreement shall become binding decisions unless the appropriate administrator intervenes to refuse them. It is the responsibility of the functional area, Coordinator or committee to notify the appropriate administrator of the decision in a timely fashion. The default recommendation shall indicate the date of the decision, the date of expected implementation, and the date the notice was forwarded to the appropriate Dean. The appropriate administrator may intervene in a timely fashion to refuse such a recommendation only if s/he determines that the recommendation is contrary to one, or more, of the following:
Decisions. Except as otherwise set forth in this Agreement, any actions required or permitted to be taken by the Management Committee shall be so taken only either (i) with the approval of a Majority of Representatives at a meeting of the Management Committee or (ii) by Unanimous Written Consent without a meeting pursuant to Section 2.01(i). The Management Committee may, but shall not be required to, memorialize its actions in the form of minutes, which minutes, when signed by at least one representative on the Management Committee appointed by each of Paladin and Lippert Management, shall be conclusive evidence of such action and shall be incorporated into the books and records of the Company. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, each Member hereby agrees and covenants that it shall direct its representatives on the Management Committee to execute any minutes relating to actions that were taken in accordance with this Section 2.01(c) regardless of whether such Member voted in favor of the action.