DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. 3.1. Subject to the provisions of this Article 3, Acorda shall use its reasonable efforts, as would be deemed commensurate with the achievement of its own business aims for a similar product of its own to conduct such part of the Project as the Parties mutually agree shall be conducted by Acorda. Subject to the provisions of this Article 3, Elan shall use its reasonable efforts, as would be deemed commensurate with the achievement of its own business aims for a similar product of its own, to conduct such part of the Project as the Parties mutually agree that shall be conducted by Elan. The allocation between the Parties of their respective responsibilities for conducting parts of the Project (i) is set forth in Schedule 9 - Technology Transfer Responsibilities, and (ii) shall be set forth in a development plan (the “Development Plan”) to be prepared and updated from time to time by Acorda in consultation with Elan, relating to the development of the Product, the current form of which is attached as Schedule 4 - NDA Timeline, and the Committee shall monitor the progress of such activities. Elan and Acorda each undertake that it shall carry out the respective studies, testing and activities set forth as Technology Transfer Responsibilities, in the Development Plan, and otherwise undertaken and conducted by it in good faith and in accordance with prevailing cGCP and cGLP and FDA standards and guidelines.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. Client hereby retains DEVELOPER to design and develop, and DEVELOPER hereby agrees to design and develop the Product in accordance with (1) the project outline set forth on the Scope of Workl (Exhibit A) and/or (2) the Product Specifications (Exhibit B) developed jointly by Client and DEVELOPER. The parties shall work together in a joint effort to accomplish the tasks and objectives set forth in the Product Specifications. DEVELOPER shall be responsible for delivering and performing only those professional services specifically identified in the Product Specifications. Any modifications to the Product Specifications shall be pursuant to the Change Order process set forth below.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Align and Ormco shall cooperate with and assist each other in the joint design and development of the Hybrid Solution. The development of the Hybrid Solution shall seek to include the functionalities described in Exhibit A attached hereto and such other Specifications to which the Parties agree.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. 2.1 Licensee agrees to create the product at its sole cost and expense pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Subject to Activision's approval rights set forth in Section 2 hereof, Licensee shall assume full responsibility for the creation and development of the Product. Activision agrees to cooperate with and assist Licensee in the development of the Product by providing Licensee, to the extent necessary, with audio and visual assets and computer code for the Activision Property solely to assist Licensee in developing the Product.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. 2.1 IMI will work with XXXXXX as herein set out in an effort to commercialize Licensed Product in the Professional Field. At XXXXXX'x expense, IMI agrees to conform Licensed Product, including without limitation software, to reflect XXXXXX'x trademarks and commercially reasonable packaging, product format, and labeling requirements. IMI will conduct research and development as herein set out to work towards the development of a commercially salable Licensed Product in the Consumer Field.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. The party responsible for the Development shall be Alpha in conjunction with PEP. The parties agree that Alpha shall produce final manuscripts/content for each specific Product within mutually agreed upon timeline in writing, which will become a schedule and part of this Product Agreement.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. 5.1 ELAN shall diligently apply its technical skill and expertise, including the ELAN PATENTS and ELAN KNOW-HOW, in the development of the PRODUCT on behalf of LIGAND. However, it is acknowledged that pharmaceutical research and development incorporates inherent risk in terms of outcomes and, save for acts of negligence or omission by ELAN, ELAN shall have no liability to LIGAND as a result of any failure or delay of the PRODUCT to obtain the NDA APPROVAL in one or more of the other countries of the TERRITORY.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. 2.1 During the Term of this Agreement,
DEVELOPMENT OF THE PRODUCT. DOBFAR shall solely own all Registrations and Registration Applications in the Territory relating to the Product. If requested by DOBFAR, SAGENT will give reasonably necessary support for the administrative activities related to the filing of the ANDA.